Updated: 02/13/2017 04:18 PM | First Published: 02/12/2017 02:49 PM

Music is HLN anchor Robin Meade's 'real joy'

Robin Meade passionately singing

Robin Meade is known to millions as the vibrant morning news anchor on HLN Morning Express, but the talented journalist should also be praised for her successful country albums, Brand New Day, and Count on Me, which peaked at no. 24 and no.29 respectively in Billboard Heatseekers Albums. 

Music has indeed been a great love of Robin's and has been her life's "real joy", as told to Taste of Country. As a minister's daughter, she grew up singing songs at her church and when she first joined CNN, she would listen to music to soothe the panic attacks she experienced on air. She said of her debut album, "I hope that’s what it does for them — the same thing that music did for me."

Brand New Day, released on June 21, 2011, consisted of 12 tracks, out of which she co-wrote 6 tracks. She said in the interview, "I wanted to do what I thought was a natural progression, which was learn to write people’s stories for music...It wasn’t just about I can sing, but I wanted to make sure I could write."

Her follow-up album was released two years later exclusively to Target stores and iTunes. "It was so important that I do a good job on the second album...It was not my intention for [Brand New Day] to be a one-off, and I meant that. So, I’m delighted to be able to come back with a second album,” she told Billboard.