Updated: 02/08/2017 12:44 PM | First Published: 02/08/2017 01:43 AM

Robin Meade began working for CNN on the day of 9/11 attacks

Robin Meade looking sideways, holding a mic

September 1, 2017, marks the 16th work anniversary of HLN Morning Express host Robin Meade. Most people would be ecstatic about the day they started their high profile job but for Robin, it must bring about some bitter memories.

Shortly after her 15th work anniversary, she spoke to TheWrap about her first day at CNN. She said, "It’s painful to really sit and think about your emotions from that day."

On that day, she was preparing to make her debut on CNN Headline News at the network's Atlanta headquarters. She told TheWrap, “I was busy doing what they call digitizing for 9 o’clock, so at 8:46 when the first one hit, I remember I was on the set getting stuff ready and I remember concern in the newsroom..."

Robin had moved to Atlanta without her husband, Tim Yeager, only a few weeks before and had been hired as a host only days before the attacks. She shared in the interview that when she thinks about her first day, she feels grateful that she's lasted so long in the business and horrible things like 9/11 do not lead the news every day. She is at present the longest-running female national morning news anchor in America.