Updated: 01/06/2017 02:28 PM | First Published: 01/05/2017 01:23 PM

Ideal husband and father, Rob Marciano was twice rumored to be gay

Rob Marciano picture with wife and baby

Rob Marciano does not frequently talk about his personal life with the media but he does share a lot of information through his social media sites. An active user of Twitter and Instagram, Rob has posted many pictures with his wife and daughter, majorly through Instagram. 

Rob is married to Eryn Marciano since 2010 and he has an adorable daughter named Madelynn. She was born in January 2012. As revealed by Erin through her Instagram account, she is “Madelynn lover, Rob lover, animal lover, book lover, movie lover, sunset lover, yoga lover, candy lover, fun lover”. However, her professional identity is not known.

In 2004, Rob made headline news in the gossip media when he was rumored to be gay. The news sparked after Rob and Anderson Cooper, an openly gay CNN host, held hands during the coverage of Hurricane Ivan. The misinterpretation even led to the creation of a fictional story called Rob and Anderson Go Storm Hunting which went viral on the internet. Nevertheless, the author of the steamy fantasy had clearly disclosed that the story was not real. 

In 2012, Marciano once again got haunted by the allegations of being gay. This time, the controversy started after Project Q, a gay-focused blog, posted another story entitled Rob Marciano Cruising the Park. The story emerged after he visited Piedmont Park in the process of covering weather for CNN. The park is mostly popular among gays.

Despite being in the controversy, Rob has been able to keep up his marital life. He has cleared every doubt that had been raised on his sexual orientation by continuing his marriage with Eryn and adding a new member to his family.