Rich celeb Courteney Cox and her plastic surgery – Know her net worth

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She has revealed that she regrets what she’s done to her face. People loved Monica, her character in comedy sitcom Friends, with beautiful facial features but the time has changed.

She is now in her fifties and to keep up earlier beauty, she took an inevitable step. “Sometimes you find yourself trying and then you look at a picture of yourself and you go, oh God, I look horrible." is what Cox has to say about her appearance.

The changes are quite visible in her before and after pictures. Her plastic surgery went distinctly wrong.

Courteney Cox’s large net worth might have encouraged her plastic surgery

Thanks to starring on the megahit show, Friends, and her other ventures on TV, she has managed to amass till date a whopping net worth of $120 million.

Cougar Town is another hit show she has appeared in. She produced this show and acted in it as well. Cox is said to bag around $275K per episode.

Just like her Cougar Town character, Cox is into dating a younger man. Perhaps it might be the reason that makes her feel the need to preserve her youthful looks.

It is tougher for anyone to battle against aging. Even all the money or whatever sum of net worth cannot stop it from taking place.

Courteney admitted that reaching 50s was tough for her too. She stated, "You know what, I'm game for anything. I'm very open to trying to prolong the inevitable."

A bold statement like that has made it pretty much clear that Cox has tried multiple procedures. Besides, it is unveiled that she has tried non-surgical yet expensive options like laser, Ulthera, Fraxel and does frequent visit to the salon.

With a net worth of $75 million, plastic surgery can seem like an affordable risk, but her fans are not happy with the result. Besides, Courteney Cox also has a celebrity status and she has to maintain it.

Courteney Cox may be using her money as a rich celeb for counterproductive uses. With a net worth of $120 million, Courteney may not find plastic surgery much of a costly decision but it has certainly kept her from looking natural.

The former Friends star Courteney Cox is no stranger to going under the knife

Although she has admitted to using Botox before, there seems to be more work done. It is suspected that she underwent lip fillers, cheek implants, and facelifts too.

With each passing year, Courteney is losing her original facial features to become almost unrecognizable. This was evident in 2015 during a red carpet event when her new look shocked the world.

With an unusually puffier looking face, she looked almost like a caricature version of her younger self. Fans worried if she was addicted to facial alterations.

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