Updated: 05/05/2017 09:15 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

One-man-woman Rebecca Jarvis's married life is like a romantic fairy tale

Rebecca Jarvis and Matthew Hanson are seen happy happy together in the picture

Rebecca Jarvis's love life is not like your average celebrity relationships. No bad relationships, failed marriages or excruciatingly short engagements that often ends with one of them turning sour. Rebecca Jarvis has left no stone unturned to set an example on how you can amazingly balance your work and personal life.

The American journalist has left no stone unturned to set an example on how you can amazingly balance your work and personal life.

Rebecca Jarvis's love saga began during college

Though belonging to the same Alma mater, Rebecca and her future husband Matthew Hanson remained friends over the whole course of college. After graduating from University of Chicago, however, they both started working in the same investment bank located in Chicago, where they shared the same workspace. After a year of boardroom meetings and presentations, Matthew finally asked Rebecca out.

Rebecca Jarvis and husband Matthew Hanson pose for a picture. The couple get married in 2012.

In an interview, Rebecca said that she knew Matthew for several years before they actually started to date. She said, “By working so closely together for a year, I got to know him very well. I had already seen how well he treated other girls he dated before me, and I knew how genuine he was. Investment banking is a brutal business, but he always had the ability to do the comic-relief thing to help relieve the stress, not just for me but for other members of our group.”

His amazing sense of humor also might be one of many reasons, she fell for him. Matthew said in an interview, "She was the funniest girl I ever met. There was an enormous depth to her personality and character that she didn’t reveal to a lot of people. I found that very appealing." Seems like, they duo were fond of one another from the very beginning.

Rebecca Jarvis and Matthew Hanson married after 2-year long engagement

Rebecca got engaged to Mr. Right, son of Craig H. Hanson and Cynthia L. Hanson on December 17, 2010. Talking about the engagement, Jarvis said, "I did not see it coming,It was so cold out, and we were both shivering. When he took off his glove and reached into his pocket to take out the ring, it was difficult to tell if he was shivering from the cold or from nervousness."

Rebecca Jarvis's picture perfect wedding. The lavish ceremony was held in 2012

The couple tied the knot on January 28, 2012. The wedding ceremony was held at McNamara Alumni Center based in Minneapolis. She is spending a blissful married life with her boyfriend-turned-husband. It's been nearly five years of their marriage but still the couple doesn't seem to have plans of extending their family.

Matthew is working as a partner in New York-based office of GSV Asset Management of Woodside. At the office, he is responsible for making an investment decision in the high-growth technology companies.

Long-time sweethearts, Rebecca and Matt have left no space for the third party to interfere in their private life. Divorce seems totally out of context for this meant-for-each-other couple.