Rebbie Jackson husband Nathaniel Brown lost his life to cancer. Married in 1968, the lovely couple gave birth to three children

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Rebbie Jackson’s husband Nathaniel Brown, failing to win his life against cancer, left his wife and three children forever. Married as childhood sweethearts in 1968, heart wrecking departure of Brown has left her single since 2013.

The husband of eldest Jackson sibling died during the 1st week of January in 2013. Nathaniel, late pop king Michael Jackson’s brother-in-law apparently had a long and brave battle with pancreatic cancer. Considering how familiar the Jacksons are, his passing went to be a heartbreaking incident at that time throughout the world.

Smitten by each other since their high-school days, the romantic duo exchanged their wedding vows in 1968. They enjoyed 44 years of marital bliss together before Brown left this world.Still, Rebbie is mourning the death of her soulmate.

Despite her father rejected her decision to marry Nathaniel and move to Kentucky, she chose to leave her family for her love. However, her mom, Katherine encouraged her, feeling an important role of a mother to a daughter. Her father was against her relationship as he wanted her to follow the footsteps of her brothers and launch a singing career.

Against her father’s wish, she thought as a teenager that her life would be happier at her home than in an unstable showbiz career. Finally, listening to what her heart said, she emphasized on her decision to leave the Jackson Street and also get rid of her ruling father.

Fighting againstanything that came on their way, they successfully turned out to be a committed husband and wife. Adding a member to their blissful paradise, the couple welcomed their first baby girl Stacee in 1971 that followed the birth of daughter Yashi in 1977 and a son Austin (a singer & musician) in 1985. Rebbie has already become a grandmother to her daughter Stacee’s 2005 born son London Blue Salas.

Rebbie Jackson is living a life without a husband with her three children. It’s since Nathaniel lost his life with cancer in 2013.

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