Puddin’s Fab Shop is a popular YouTube channel operated by Jacob Warner, who has a real knack for working on vintage and rundown cars. He is from Tecumseh, Oklahoma. He’s dedicated to the art of fixing things and shares his journey on his engaging YouTube platform. With a staggering following of over 218,000 subscribers, the channel has become a go-to destination for automobile enthusiasts and DIY aficionados alike.

Puddin’s charismatic and down-to-earth approach to car restoration and repair makes his videos both educational and entertaining. Whether it’s reviving an old engine, restoring a rusty chassis, or bringing life back to forgotten classics, the channel is a treasure trove of automotive inspiration for anyone looking to get their hands greasy and learn the ropes of car restoration.

Married Life Of Warner

Jacob Warner’s married life is a heartwarming tale of love and companionship. He tied the knot with his beloved wife, Ashley Chandler, in October 2021. Ashley hails from the vibrant state of Texas and is known for her strong religious beliefs. She has taken on the role of a devoted stay-at-home mom (SAHM) while also managing merchandise for Puddin’s Fab Shop, a testament to her dedication and multitasking abilities.

Jacob Warner and Ashley Chandler are taking with selfie with umbrella's hanging in the background.
Jacob Warner with his wife, Ashley Chandler (Source: Puddin’s Fab Shop Instagram @puddinsfabshop)

Warner often takes to social media to showcase his admiration for Ashley, sharing glimpses of their journey. These heartwarming posts offer a peek into the couple’s life, illustrating the deep bond they share and the mutual support that underpins their relationship. They seem to be having an incredible married life.

Net Worth Status Of Puddin’s Fab Shop Owner

Jacob Warner has achieved a commendable net worth, estimated to be around $500,000. His main source of income comes from his thriving venture, Puddin’s Fab Shop, which includes his popular YouTube channel. With an impressive work ethic, Jacob consistently uploads about four videos every month, each attracting an average of 200,000 views. This level of engagement translates into substantial earnings, with ad revenue alone bringing in a minimum of $14,400 per month.

However, Warner’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there. He extends his creative reach by offering an array of merchandise items to his dedicated fan base through his online shop. From stylish stickers and T-shirts to cozy outerwear and trendy hats, his merchandise collection provides fans with the opportunity to show their support while also adding a touch of Puddin’s Fab Shop flair to their lives. These additional ventures contribute to his growing net worth, showcasing his ability to capitalize on both his content and his community’s enthusiasm.

Has Experienced Fatherhood

Warner has embraced the joyous journey of fatherhood, proudly raising three daughters named Hailee, Kayley, and Ella, as mentioned in an article from Information Cradle. While he values his family’s privacy and hasn’t divulged extensive details about his daughters, he generously shares heartwarming glimpses of their moments on his social media accounts.

Jacob Warner’s kids, Hailee, Kayley, and Ella Warner (Source: Puddins Fan Shop Merch Instagram @puddins_fan_shop_merch)

These cherished images offer Warner fans a delightful peek into his life as a doting father, capturing candid snapshots of the love and laughter that fill their home. By striking a balance between safeguarding his family’s personal life and allowing his supporters to share in his happiness, Jacob skillfully navigates the role of both a content creator and a devoted dad.

Has Served For His Country

Warner’s dedication to serving his country shines brightly through his role as a US Air Force veteran. While much of his time in the military remains private, he did offer a touching glimpse into his experience through a heartfelt Facebook post. In this post, he recounted a cherished memory from his days in the Air Force, highlighting a special camaraderie with his friend Cobb.

Amid the duties and responsibilities, Warner and Cobb found solace in simple pleasures, spending quality time together in their Air Force dorm. They would often bond over shared interests, with his friend engrossed in playing his Playstation while he skillfully merged his love for drawing with the soothing rhythms of music playing in the background. This heartwarming story provides a touching glimpse into his past, showcasing his ability to forge meaningful connections and find moments of joy even amid his service to the nation.

About Puddin’s Fab Shop YouTube Channel

Puddin’s Fab Shop burst onto the YouTube scene on May 9, 2018, and has since captured the hearts of car enthusiasts and curious viewers alike. With an impressive total of 35 million channel views and a dedicated subscriber base of 218,000, this channel has become a trusted source for all things related to car repairs and restoration.

Jacob Warner is posing with wires and a car in his garage.
Jacob Warner at his Puddin’s Fab Shop (Source: Puddin’s Fab Shop Instagram @puddinsfabshop)

Warner’s knack for breathing new life into old vehicles is showcased through a variety of engaging content, including his popular “Will It Run?” series. Among his impressive repertoire, the most standout video is the captivating “I found another ABANDONED mini truck BOX TRUCK. ((old u-haul)) Will it run?!?”, which has garnered an astonishing 785,000 views and counting. This video is a testament to Jacob’s skill in captivating his audience while unveiling the mysteries of forgotten automotive gems. Through his channel, he continues to be a hub of excitement and discovery for those who share a passion for cars and their fascinating stories.

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Early Life Of Warner

Jacob Warner reflects on the pivotal moment that solidified his passion for mini trucking and wrenching while in an interview with “O’Reilly Auto Parts.” At the age of 16, he purchased a 1977 Toyota Hilux for $800, a significant sum for his family. Growing up in modest circumstances, his family focused on essential repairs to ensure their vehicles could make it to town. However, his fascination with cars and mechanics set him apart, as he tackled challenges such as raising the truck high enough to replace a throw-out bearing with makeshift tools like firewood.

This early experience marked Warner’s initiation into the world of mechanicking. Another formative memory he revealed in an interview involved working with his father to extract an engine from a Datsun box truck using a four-wheel drive and a tree as an anchor point. Despite the challenging conditions and limited technology, they persevered, capturing a blurry yet treasured photo that represents the foundation of Jacob’s journey. These early encounters with hands-on work and problem-solving instilled in him a deep appreciation for automotive craftsmanship and paved the way for his future endeavors.

Tried His Hands On A Lot Of Things

Jacob Warner’s passion for wrenching and automotive projects has always been a driving force, even as he navigated different career paths. From a young age, he had a desire to work on cars and knew he would eventually find a way to pursue it. After serving in the Air Force working on jet engines, he realized he wanted a different path.

Working at a factory provided stability, but within two years, Warner decided to get serious about his passion for building cars. He began setting goals and planning for his future in the automotive world, driven by the desire to avoid being stuck in a job he didn’t love. Despite the challenges and hard work, he embraces the stress and time crunches that come with his current endeavors, finding fulfillment in pursuing what he truly enjoys.

Loves Taco

Warner has revealed his go-to meal is from a local Mexican restaurant named Taco Boy in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. He often enjoys their authentic Mexican food, particularly their burritos. Despite his busy schedule of editing and working on cars, he finds time to indulge in Taco Boy’s delicious offerings. Especially, while taking kids home from school, he always grabs a burrito for himself.

The convenience of having the restaurant close by allows Warner to quickly grab a burrito even during his hectic days. He expresses his fondness for the restaurant and considers it his favorite place to eat.


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