Philip Alan Hosterman is a father of an American actress and singer, Dove Cameron. Cameron is the younger daughter of Philp. Although Hosterman has another kid named Claire Hosterman, he gained fame through the second born. Dove is the child who has won plenty of awards, including the Daytime Emmy Award, American Music Award, MTV Video Music Award, and Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award.

Hosterman worked as Chief executive officer of Kandahar Trading Company. Also, he was a musician by his profession. He used to play both Piano and saxophone. Moreover, he spent several years in the Trading Company as the head and retired. Keep reading to know more info about an actress’s father.

Shared bio of Philip Hosterman

Dove Cameron’s father, Philip Alan Hosterman, was born on July 22, 1944. Likewise, Hosterman was born in Seattle, Washington, United States, and grew up in Seward Park, a Neighborhood in southeast Seattle, Washington. As mentioned above, he is the Chief executive officer of a Company.

The picture of Philip Alan Hosterman, was clicked while he was wearing the glasses and reading a book.
The picture of Philip Alan Hosterman was clicked while he was reading a book. Source: Instagram

Alan was born to his parents, Phillipe Hosterman and Florence Hosterman. Phillipe grew up with his siblings, Michael Hosterman and Mary Lyn Keppert. But Hosterman’s siblings remain reclusive.

Hosterman was a well-educated student who studied at Saint Edward’s School and joined O’Dea High School. He used to be an adventurer and an artist as well. Also, the artist was a Russian-American/Austrian-American/Hungarian-American/French-American/German-American CO-founder.

Hosterman’s brother Keppart used to work at Glen Mar United Methodist Church as a Teacher Assistant. Similarly, his second brother Michael was a Physical Education Professor who had been teaching for 16 years at Public Schools. Oscar Bilzerian is also a celebrity father who came into the spotlight like Philip.

Marriage and children of Philip Alan Hosterman

In 1988 Philip Alan Hosterman hitched up with Bonnie Wallace in Peshawar, Pakistan. Moreover, Wallace is an American author, writer, and producer. She is known for directing a Movie named Hometown to Hollywood. Also, she is the writer of Young Hollywood Actors and The Hollywood Parents Guide.

The picture was clicked when Philip, his wife Bonnie Wallace, and his daughter Dove Cameron were with him.
The picture was captured while Philip, his wife Bonnie Wallace, and his daughter Dove Cameron were with him.
Source: Twitter

Hosterman married the director in his early 40s. He might have dated ex-girlfriends, whose info is not shared. Similarly, Wallace already came into the spotlight before the marriage with Alan. The author was in her early 30s while marrying Philip. Moreover, it can be considered as she also dated ex-boyfriends previously and kept it under wraps.

Alan was an instrument when Bonnie married him but later joined the Kandahar Trading Company and became the highest-ranking person in the company. Philip and his wife separated after being together for over two decades. They wouldn’t have split if Philip didn’t die.

Cause of Death: Hosterman

As mentioned, Philip Alan Hosterman passed away on October 18, 2011. The instrumentalist did suicide and passed. Hosterman’s death shocked the world, and the reason behind the celebrity father’s passing remains hidden.

There are many chances of revealing the info by his family members. Because his daughter Dove Cameron on Instagram has been sharing the tragedy of losing her dad. Moreover, Cameron shared that she was just 15 when losing her father.

Cameron revealed that she couldn’t say goodbye to her father. Moreover, to remember her dad, she officially changed her name to Dove from the original one. Because her father used to call her by this name. Also, People believe that losing Alan was a significant loss for his family.

Daughter of Hosterman

Dove Cameron was born on January 16, 1996, on Bridgestone Island, Washington. Cameron’s real name is Chloe Celeste Hosterman. She grew up along with her sister Claire Hosterman. Dove first studied at Burbank High School and Sakai Intermediate School. Furthermore, she completed her High School level at Bainbridge High School.

Kandahar Trading Company's SEO clicked a picture with his daughter while
Kandahar Trading Company‘s SEO clicked a picture with his daughter while she was smiling. Source: Instagram

As mentioned above, she is an actress and singer. The actress came to the spotlight through her excellent performance in the Descendants and Hairspray Live Tv movie in 2015. Moreover, she is also known for playing in the Tv series, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and Schmigadoon!

The actress has played in plenty of music videos. However, she started her career in Hollywood with the Shameless Tv series in 2012. Furthermore, her last performance was in 2023. Now, she is playing for her upcoming Tv series and Music videos. If the given info is incomplete, know more about Dove Cameron.

The Net worth of Musician Hosterman

Philip Alan Hosterman maintained a decent amount throughout his career with around $3 million net worth. Being a musician, his annual average salary was around $76,500. Likewise, Alan was the Chief executive officer of Kandahar Trading Company, where he used to make between $615,500 to $1,049,200 in the early 90s.

Alan Hosterman and his daughter  Dove were captured in one frame while he was teaching his daughter.
Alan Hosterman and his daughter Dove were captured in the same frame while he was teaching his daughter.
Source: Pinterest

Hosterman lived with his family in Bridgestone Island, Washington, where the average house value is around $1,049,377. Moreover, he had been bearing approximately $15,000 annually as the living cost of his family in Bridgtone, Island.

Hosterman’s wife, Bonnie Wallace, was also an author and director, carrying roughly $1 to $5 million net worth. Similarly, his daughter Dove Cameron maintains around $4 million net worth. Furthermore, Alan’s Firstborn daughter has an estimated net worth of $3 million.