Updated: 12/11/2016 03:25 PM | First Published: 12/11/2016 04:41 AM

Know how PGA Tour Pro Keegan Bradley and Jillian Stacey fell for each other

 Keegan Bradley with wife Jillian Stacey

As seen on their social sites, the Northeast native couple seems to live a fun life, enjoying every moment and traveling frequently as Keegan competes on the PGA Tour. Jillian often accompanies her husband to his tournaments. Both Keegan and Jillian are from New England and are avid sports fans.

Reportedly, the two fell for each other sometime during 2013. Keeping their relationship status under wrap for over a year, they finally came out clean in 2015, with an engagement announcement. 

Using a card & a bouquet of flowers, Bradley proposed her in April 2015. It wasn’t a proposal like you might be thinking of, but he also asked her to be his caddie for 2015 Augusta Master’s Part-3 Contest. The tournament went to be his best till date.

Stacey, who’s been cited as GOLF.com’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf took to social media to share the news. She herself says, she feels so lucky to have Keegan in her life.