Updated: 01/31/2017 04:29 PM | First Published: 01/31/2017 09:57 AM

Pam Oliver too busy reporting to address hair troubles

Pam Oliver holding a mic

Fox Sports'┬áNFL reporter Pam Oliver is applauded by many for her on-point player interviews and rigorous sideline reporting, but some internet trolls would rather focus on how her hair looks on television. In fact, there's even a Twitter handle dedicated to her [email protected]

In 2014, Oliver's wayward locks inspired a series of memes, which included a comparison with Chewbacca. This was prompted after her appearance during the Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship game in January of that year.  

A few weeks after this, Oliver responded to the memes in an interview with Philly.com. She defended her appearance saying, "You're out there trying to catch players, get your reports turned around quickly, and I may or may not have time to put on lip gloss or powder my face." 

She pointed out that she did her own hair and makeup, and is focused largely on her performance to put much thought into her appearance. 

In addition to this, she made a point about the sexism in broadcast journalism, " A guy can wear the same tie every other week, and it's not even an issue. But if a woman has a strand of hair out of place, people go crazy." Oliver sure put those internet trolls to shame with her bold statement!