Outdoors with The Morgans is a YouTube channel that’s all about rural living. Run by Mike Morgan and his wife Melissa, the channel showcases their everyday experiences and adventures. They share their daily routines, like hunting, and fishing, among others.

Mike and Melissa are very popular YouTubers, and it’s no surprise why! With over 345,000 subscribers and an estimated net worth of $3 million, the couple has built a successful online presence. Their success is a testament to their passion and dedication to sharing the joys of rural life with the world.

The Love Life Of The YouTuber’s

Outdoors with The Morgans’, Melissa Flick Morgan and Michael Morgan have been happily married for a long time, since February 16, 1991. Their enduring love and commitment to each other are truly inspiring. Over the years, they have built a strong and loving partnership that has weathered the ups and downs of life.

Melissa Morgan is holding the chainsaw as Mike Morgan looks on and they are surrounded by woods.
Melissa and Mike Morgan working together (Source: Outdoors with The Morgans Instagram @outdoorswiththemorgans)

Melissa and Mike’s love story began at a pizza shop, where his wife worked. Fate brought them together, and it wasn’t long before they discovered a special connection that led to them starting to date. Their relationship blossomed over shared pizza slices and conversations.

Almost Met When They Were Kids

Melissa and Mike’s story has a unique twist to it. They had previously been in the same place at the same time nine years ago, but, they didn’t meet then. He was just 12 years old, and she was 9 when they both attended an auction. His father was the auctioneer, and he was assisting his dad during the event.

Mike’s wife, Melissa was also present at the same event, but they had no idea about each other’s existence at that time. It wasn’t until years later that they discovered this incredible coincidence, realizing that their paths had almost crossed long before they officially met. This adds an extra layer of charm to their love story, showing that sometimes, destiny has its timeline for bringing people together.

Outdoors with The Morgans Net Worth Status

“Outdoors with The Morgans” has become a well-loved YouTube channel with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Their primary income source stems from the engaging content they create about rural living.

The picture shows the shelf filled with Outdoor with the Morgans Fire Starters.
Outdoor with the Morgans Fire Starters (Source: Outdoor with the Morgans Instagram @outdoorwiththemorgans)

Melissa and Mike Morgan are highly productive YouTubers, consistently uploading around 19 videos every month. These videos have proven to be quite popular, with an average of 100,000 views per video. This impressive viewership translates into a substantial income, as they make an average of $15,000 from ad revenue alone each month.

Income Source Outside YouTube

Besides YouTube channel success, Mike and Melissa have expanded its reach by offering merchandise to its dedicated fanbase. Fans of the channel can purchase items like T-shirts, calendars, and cedar fire starters, which are not only a way to support the channel but also a means of connecting with their community on a deeper level.

The Morgan Family has another venture in the form of a wood factory that specializes in selling firewood. This additional business reflects their deep connection to the outdoors and their commitment to sustainable living.

Mike and Melissa also own expensive assets like a variety of vehicles and equipment. Their collection includes heavy machinery like tractors and dozers. They also own a Jeep JK Wrangler, a 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, and also a GMC-84 off-road truck.

Parents To Four Kids

Outdoors with The Morgans’, Mike and Melissa have a loving family that includes four wonderful kids. They have two sons named Hunter and Levi, and two lovely daughters named Hannah and Eva.

Hunter is the eldest child in Mike and Melissa’s family, and he is a remarkable young person. He faces some unique challenges as he has autism, but his family’s love and support have always been there for him.

The Entire Outdoors with The Morgans Family (Source: Outdoors with The Morgans Instagram @outdoorswiththemorgans)

Levi, the second son has embarked on a wonderful journey of his own by getting married to a woman named Kate. They have built a beautiful family together, and Mike and Melissa have now become proud grandparents to two adorable grandchildren, Ty and Thea.

Hannah has blossomed into a remarkable young woman. She tied the knot with a man named Tyler, starting a new chapter in her life with the love of her life, as mentioned on their official website. What’s even more impressive is her achievement of graduating from college with a degree in recreational therapy.

Eva, the youngest member of the Morgan family, is at an exciting stage in her life. She recently completed high school, marking a significant milestone. Now, in 2023, she’s embarked on a new adventure by starting college. This transition is an important step toward her future, and it’s a time filled with opportunities for growth and learning.

The Everyday Life Of The Morgans

The everyday life of Mike and Melissa Morgan is centered around the rural beauty of western Pennsylvania, as mentioned in the Backyard Life interview. They’ve chosen to call this peaceful countryside home, living on a sizable piece of land, much of which is covered in lush woods and remains untouched by development. They also live relatively close to more populated and commercialized areas.

The Morgans cherish their rural lifestyle for a very simple but profound reason: it grants them an unparalleled sense of freedom. Living this way allows them to relish the independence of doing the things they love right on their property. And, the biggest challenge of their rural lifestyle undoubtedly comes from dealing with the ever-unpredictable weather.

Melissa and Mike began their rural journey with a modest backyard. But over time, they’ve gradually expanded it to meet their changing needs and aspirations. Their approach of taking things one step at a time has proven to be a wise one. It’s like they’ve planted the seeds of their dreams and watched them grow as they nurtured their property.

The Morgans fully embrace the wonders of rural life by enjoying the natural bounty that surrounds them. They hunt for deer and turkey, which provides a sense of connection to the land and the thrill of the chase. Additionally, their pond offers a serene escape where they can cast their lines and reel in largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish.

About Outdoors with The Morgans YouTube Channel

“Outdoors with The Morgans” YouTube channel has come a long way since its start on July 25, 2016. Over the years, they’ve gathered a dedicated community of over 345,000 subscribers who eagerly follow their adventures in the great outdoors. What’s even more impressive is that their videos have been viewed over 205 million times!

The channel has come a long way since they posted their very first video, “#1 Mesa Falls Idaho,” on October 22, 2016. Their dedication to sharing their rural adventures has paid off, and their most popular video, “#651 More Hardwoods on The Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill, Red Oak,” with over 7.7 million views, is a testament to the quality and authenticity of their content.

The Morgans are YouTubers who truly embody the beauty and challenges of rural life. It’s a place where Mike and Melissa share their daily experiences, whether it’s working with tractors and UTVs, going on hunting and fishing adventures, or tackling projects around their property. Their channel provides an inside look at the hard work and dedication required to maintain a countryside lifestyle.

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The Morgans Have A Second Channel Too

The Morgans have another delightful channel called “Morgans Off The Leash,” which is lovingly run by Melissa Morgan. This channel offers a unique peek into their family’s personal life beyond the work they showcase on their main channel. It’s a place where they get to share the everyday moments, adventures, and experiences that make their family special.

The second channel may be a newer addition to the Morgan family’s online presence, but it’s already making its mark. With over 31.4k subscribers and more than 3.3 million views, it’s clear that Melissa’s channel resonates with viewers who appreciate the personal touch and authenticity she brings.


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