Olu Evans is the supportive husband of Misty Copeland. Copeland is a great American ballet dancer. Her incredible skills and accomplishments in ballet have made her widely known in the ballet community.

Evans was born in the United States in 1979. He is not only Copeland’s husband as he also practices as an attorney. Although he does law for a living, he would rather live a low-profile life away from the limelight and keep his details and endeavors a secret.

Married To Misty Copeland

Olu Evans and Misty Copeland’s love affair started in a lively setting. They met at a club in Chelsea, New York City in 2004. This meeting would guide the journey of their lives. She caught his attention on the dance floor as he made a move. This meeting was the start of a romantic relationship that eventually resulted in him being her “first boyfriend” according to the dancer herself.

Olu Evans is wearing a black tuxedo and Misty Copeland is wearing a purple dress.
Olu Evans with his wife Misty Copeland (Source: xoNecole Instagram @xonecole)

With time, their relationship blossomed and after a decade of togetherness, Olu asked Misty for her hand in marriage in August 2015. They took part in a lovely wedding ceremony on July 31, 2016, amid breathtaking views near Laguna Beach, California where they exchanged vows celebrating their love.

Evans Is A Father

Olu and Misty embraced parenthood with the arrival of their baby boy, Jackson. He was born in April 2022. Despite their public profiles, the couple has chosen to maintain a sense of privacy around their child, refraining from revealing too many details about his life.

This decision reflects Evans and Copeland’s desire to create a secure and intimate environment for their family away from the public eye. It underscores their belief in the importance of cherishing moments within the confines of their personal space.

Net Worth Status

Olu Evans has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. He has chosen not to disclose his salary. It is likely that being an attorney, he must have worked hard to achieve the professional success and financial security that he has today.

Misty Copeland and Mariah Carey are sitting next to each other smiling.
Misty Copeland with Mariah Carey (Source: Misty Copeland Instagram @mistyonpointe)

Misty Copeland has a net worth of $1.5 million. Her ballet dancing talent has made her a successful career. She adds to her professional resume by offering dance classes. The woman has also participated in the literary world by writing several books which describe her life and knowledge. She also extends her artistic abilities to the film industry, all of which have helped her financially.

Misty and Olu have chosen Manhattan, New York, as their home. The couple reside in a spacious three-bedroom loft. Their residence in the bustling heart of Manhattan reflects both practicality and style, offering a comfortable living space for the couple.

Has His Own Company

In addition to his legal career, Evans is also an entrepreneur. He has established his own company called Muse Dancewear. Founded in 2010, the company operates right out of the couple’s apartment, adding a unique dimension to their living space.

Muse Dancewear provides a range of dance essentials, including exquisite ballet slippers and tights that dancers can rely on for comfort and style. Going beyond footwear and clothing, the company also offers ribbons and paint designed to maintain the shape and quality of ballet slippers.

What Is Evans’ Relationship With Taye Diggs?

Olu has a familial connection with actor Taye Diggs. They are cousins. To begin with, Taye was the one who introduced the lawyer and Misty. The two met in 2006, paving the way for a significant bond between them.

Taye Diggs is posing on the balcony wearing a hat and a shirt with flowers designed on it.
Olu Evans’ cousin Taye Diggs (Source: Taye Diggs Instagram @tayediggsinsta)

A talented actor Taye Diggs has had an unforgettable influence in this entertainment world through various roles. He performed greatly on the stage in Broadway musicals such as “Rent” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” His appearance also graced television screens in “Private Practice” and “Murder in the First.” His journey as a performer first began at the Busch Gardens located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Olu Evans Is A Lawyer

Olu Evans is a lawyer with a focus on corporate law and brings a wealth of expertise to his field. After completing his legal education, he was admitted as a lawyer for the state of New York in 2007. His specialization in corporate law signifies a nuanced understanding of the complex legal landscape surrounding businesses.

Evans is registered with the Office of Court Administration (OCA) of the New York State Unified Court System. It attests to his commitment to maintaining professional standards and ethical conduct within the legal framework.

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Copeland’s Description Of Her Husband

In a revealing interview in July 2015 with Soledad O’Brien, Misty Copeland shared heartfelt insights about her husband, Olu Evans. She identified him as her perfect match owing to his unwavering support. She revealed he was not afraid of seeing the most vulnerable part in her and wanted to help her get through tough times.

Copeland stressed the importance of finding a life partner who valued and encouraged her commitment to ballet, which was everything to her. As reported in The Telegraph, she said that her husband made her feel like her body was an instrument and she needed to take care of it.

Furthermore, Misty recognized the valuable lessons Olu imparted to her including effective communication, facing problems head-on, and thinking critically. He is said to have facilitated an atmosphere that made her believe in a bright future as a ballerina.

Education Of Misty’s Husband

Evans boasts a solid educational background, having graduated from Emory University School of Law. His commitment to legal excellence was affirmed when he successfully passed the bar exam in 2007.

The details about Olu’s other educational pursuits remain unclear. His completion of law school and subsequent licensing highlight a dedicated pursuit of knowledge and professional growth.


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