Off Grid with Doug and Stacy is a popular YouTube Channel where a couple named Doug and Stacy share their unique lifestyle. They have chosen to live off the grid, which means they don’t rely on public utilities. Instead, they have embraced homesteading, a self-sufficient way of living that involves growing their food, raising animals, and finding creative solutions for their daily needs.

Through their engaging videos, Doug and Stacy document their day-to-day experiences, offering a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of living off the grid, and teaching people along the way. With a dedicated following of over 1.16 million subscribers, their channel has become a source of inspiration for those interested in sustainable living and reconnecting with nature. Their journey showcases the possibilities of leading a simpler, more intentional life, fostering a sense of community among viewers who share their values.

The Successful Married Life Of Doug And Stacy

The story of Off Grid with Doug and Stacy’s successful married life began in 1999 when they got married. His journey toward love started while he was riding his Harley motorcycle. He met Stacy through a mutual friend, the wife of his friend, who was part of a band performing at an event. It was at this event that their paths crossed for the first time. He, eager to impress her, used a somewhat cheesy pick-up line to start a conversation.

Stacy is taking a selfie and Doug is posing with a peace sign.
Doug and Stacy taking a selfie (Source: Doug and Stacy Instagram @offgridwithdougandstacy)

Later, Doug and Stacy had a significant lunch together, where their connection grew stronger. He, showing his affection, created a heartfelt poem for her, which he put into a frame and hid behind the counter. When they returned to the restaurant to pay, she was surprised when the waitress handed her the framed poem. Over the years, their love and companionship blossomed, and today they enjoy a contented and happy life together, living off the grid in a unique and fulfilling way.

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy’s Net Worth Status

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy have accumulated a net worth of $1 million by sharing their homesteading knowledge on their YouTube channel. Their main source of income comes from creating informative videos about living off the grid and homesteading. They consistently upload around 8 videos each month, which collectively receive an average of 150,000 views per video. This popularity translates to a significant ad revenue of at least $21,600 from YouTube alone.

Apart from their YouTube earnings, Doug and Stacy have diversified their income streams. Her cookbook and their tea company also contribute to their financial success. Their cookbook and tea products likely resonate with their audience, allowing them to further monetize their expertise and interests. Through their various endeavors, they have not only created a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle but have also managed to build a substantial net worth.

Doug And Stacy Are Grandparents

Doug and Stacy’s close-knit family extends to their two cherished grandchildren, who bring an extra dose of delight to their homesteading adventures. Alongside their daughter, the couple embraces the role of doting grandparents, relishing the special moments spent with their grandson and granddaughter.

Stacy, her grandson, and granddaughter are working on the fields.
Stacy with her grandkids (Source: Off Grid with Doug & Stacy YouTube Channel)

While Doug and Stacy tend to keep the finer details of their children’s lives private, their YouTube channel offers glimpses of heartwarming family interactions that reveal the bonds they share. These endearing scenes not only emphasize their commitment to sustainable living but also highlight the value they place on family connections. As their off-grid journey unfolds, these tender family moments serve as a reminder of the wholesome joy that accompanies a life lived close to nature and loved ones.

About Off Grid with Doug and Stacy YouTube Channel

The Off Grid with Doug and Stacy YouTube Channel, established on December 17, 2012, has garnered an impressive total of over 140 million views and has attracted a dedicated following of more than 1.16 million subscribers. Their most popular video, titled “CHICKEN COOP FOR $50 AND 1 HOUR TO BUILD,” has struck a chord with viewers, amassing over 6.9 million views.

Through their channel, Doug and Stacy generously share a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for various aspects of sustainable living. They cover topics such as living off the grid, raising farm animals, homesteading, rainwater catchment, raised bed gardening, cooking from scratch on a wood cookstove, herbal remedies, DIY projects, composting toilets, foraging, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, as mentioned on their official website.

Additionally, the channel provides insights into woodlot management, including firewood processing and sawmill techniques. Their dedication to sharing these diverse skills and insights contributes to a rich online resource for those seeking guidance on self-sufficiency and embracing a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

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Living Off Grid

For over a decade, Doug and Stacy have embraced a remarkable off-grid lifestyle, immersing themselves in the art of homesteading without relying on public utilities. In a truly pioneering spirit reminiscent of the 1800s, they have constructed their own log home, an authentic 1800s-style dwelling, providing a glimpse into the past while navigating the demands of the 21st century. The couple’s journey began by recognizing the strains of modern living—stress, unhealthy eating habits, financial debts, and persistent illness. In response, they made a resolute decision.

Doug and Stacy made a significant shift from their life in the bustling St. Louis metro area to pursue a more sustainable and self-reliant path. Leaving behind their urban residence and selling off their two businesses, they embarked on a journey to find a harmonious piece of land that aligned with their vision. This quest led them to a serene 11-acre plot in rural Missouri. Drawing inspiration from the construction techniques of the 1800s, he took on the challenge of building their family home, despite having limited carpentry experience.

Remarkably, Doug completed this ambitious project in just 90 days. Embracing a true pioneer lifestyle, the couple relies on oil lanterns and a traditional wood cookstove for their daily needs, opting to forgo solar or wind power. Their homestead thrives with a diverse array of animals, including sheep, chickens, guineas, ducks, and horses. They’ve even ventured into beekeeping, producing their honey.

Resourcefulness is evident in every aspect of Doug and Stacy’s life – a 3000-gallon rain catchment system provides water to their log cabin through gravity, while strategically placed lawn hydrants cater to the needs of their animals. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their gardens, where they employ raised beds and Back to Eden gardening methods to cultivate a variety of produce, as mentioned on the Homesteaders of America Website. Through their dedicated efforts, they have not only created a self-sufficient haven but have also become inspiring role models for a healthy and holistic way of living.

About Doug And Stacy

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy’s unique and complementary skills make them a dynamic duo in their off-grid lifestyle. His journey as a self-taught carpenter and homesteader has seen him take on various roles, including that of a shepherd, tending to their animals with care. On the other hand, Stacy brings a wealth of expertise to their lifestyle.

With over 30 years of experience in the health and nutrition field, Stacy has evolved into a Holistic life coach. Together, their combined knowledge and enthusiasm have led them to become sought-after speakers at homesteading conferences across the United States. Their deep-seated passion lies in sharing their insights and wisdom, guiding others on the path to self-reliance and sustainability. Through their engaging talks and informative sessions, they empower individuals to embrace a more conscious and holistic way of living, fostering a greater connection with nature and a renewed sense of self-sufficiency.


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