Nomadic Fanatic is a popular YouTube channel managed by Eric Jacobs. He is a vlogger who goes on journeys all around the country, residing in a cozy RV accompanied by his beloved cats, Tara and Opie. With an impressive count of over 237,000 subscribers, his channel is all about sharing his adventures, experiences, and the beauty of his travel destinations.

Jacobs was born on June 5, 1981, under the zodiac sign Gemini. Through his engaging videos, he captures the essence of a nomadic lifestyle and offers viewers a glimpse into the excitement of life on the road. Let’s learn a bit more about the YouTuber, his life, scandals, and controversies.

Relationship Status

As of now, Eric Jacobs from Nomadic Fanatic is living a single life and is dedicated to his YouTube channel, his travels, and the delightful company of his feline companions, Tara and Opie. He finds joy in sharing his adventures with his subscribers and capturing the beauty of the places he visits.

Eric Jacobs is taking a selfie in a pool with his top, cap, and shades on.
Eric Jacobs relaxing in the pool (Source: Nomadic Fanatic Instagram

In the past, Jacobs was in a relationship with a woman named Angela. While he has moved on from that chapter of his life, his focus remains on exploring new horizons, creating content, and forming deep connections with his viewers as he continues to embrace the nomadic way of living.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Nomadic Fanatic, managed by Eric Jacobs, has a substantial net worth estimated to be around $500,000. His primary income source is his YouTube channel, where he consistently uploads approximately 10 videos each month. With an average of 55,000 views per video, he earns a considerable amount from ad revenue alone, totaling at least $9,900 every month.

In addition to ad revenue, Jacobs also receives support from his audience on Patreon, a platform where fans can contribute financially to their favorite creators. This dual-income approach has contributed to his financial success, enabling him to continue creating engaging content and sharing his nomadic adventures with his dedicated viewers.

Did Jacobs Treat His Ex-Partner, Angela Poorly?

Navigating relationships can be quite intricate, and Eric Jacobs’ history with Angela underscores this fact. Their past relationship appears to have been marked by difficulties, with allegations emerging of poor treatment and even bullying of women, as recounted by his ex-partner. The presence of infidelity before a reconciliation attempt further muddied the waters.

Angela is sitting on her car seat.
Eric Jacobs’s ex-partner, Angela (Source: Larry Smith YouTube Channel)

A particularly regrettable incident involves Jacobs leaving Angela stranded at a gas station and driving away, a hurtful action that undoubtedly caused her a great deal of distress. While we can’t alter what has already transpired, this situation serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of empathy, mutual respect, and open communication within any relationship.

Stats On Nomadic Fanatic YouTube Channel

Nomadic Fanatic’s YouTube channel has gained significant traction since its inception on December 7, 2013. With a total view count exceeding an impressive 106.3 million, Jacobs has cultivated a dedicated following of over 237,000 subscribers. One of the standout videos on his channel is titled “Alcatraz Island Cruise & Tour INSIDE,” which has garnered over 770,000 views, demonstrating the strong engagement his content receives.

The channel’s very first video, “Introduction: Living in an RV,” was posted on its launch date, providing viewers with a glimpse into the journey Jacobs was embarking upon. Through consistent uploads and captivating storytelling, Nomadic Fanatic has created a space where people can join in on his nomadic adventures and explorations across the country.

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What Is Jacobs Channel About?

Nomadic Fanatic, Jacob’s channel, revolves around his nomadic lifestyle accompanied by his feline companions, Tara and Opie. Together, they journey across the country in search of the perfect weather while documenting their escapades from the comfort of their RV. The channel’s content spans a wide spectrum of experiences, ranging from visits to national parks, amusement parks, museums, and larger-than-life attractions to embracing the essence of Americana and embarking on historical road trips.

RV has green lights and is currently in the middle of the woods.
Eric Jacobs’ RV (Source: Nomadic Fanatic Instagram

While adventure and excitement are central to the channel, Jacobs doesn’t shy away from showcasing the less glamorous aspects of life on the road, sharing his journey through challenges in a unique and relatable way that resonates with his subscribers. He, Tara, and Opie’s dynamic embodies their version of the “American Dream,” a captivating narrative that they wholeheartedly share with their global audience.

The Shelby Mustang Accident

In the year 2022, an unfortunate accident occurred involving Jacob’s RV and a Shelby Mustang GT500. The incident unfolded when his RV collided with the side of the Mustang while it attempted to merge into the same lane as his RV, as mentioned in an article from Car Scoops. The circumstances indicated that the Mustang had already positioned itself in the lane he was driving in, and he didn’t have the opportunity to stop in time to prevent the collision.

This incident sparked some backlash against him, once the video came out as the footage seemed like he had enough time to stop his vehicle. Accidents can often lead to differing viewpoints and opinions so few people were divided on this matter. Such occurrences remind us of the importance of road safety and being cautious while sharing the road with other vehicles.

About Jacob Pets, Tara, Opie, Jax, and Tig

Jacobs shares his life on the road not only with his viewers but also with his beloved pets. His two feline companions, Tara and Opie, are his constant travel companions, joining him on his adventures across the country. Previously, he had a cat named Jax who, unfortunately, passed away in 2021, marking a somber moment for the channel. Additionally, he had decided to adopt a puppy named Tig, though he later chose to rehome his little dog with another family.

Tara and Opie are sitting on the stairs.
Eric Jacobs cats, Tara and Opie (Source: Nomadic Fanatic Instagram

This choice stemmed from the challenges Jacobs encountered while trying to manage the puppy’s needs alongside his nomadic lifestyle. The dynamics of caring for his animal companions provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the joys and responsibilities that come with traveling alongside furry friends.

Shadow Banning Controversy

The topic of shadow banning involving Jacobs has generated significant controversy. Reports suggest that he has employed practices to prevent certain individuals from commenting on his YouTube videos. His approach to handling criticism and negative comments has sparked debates within the community. Some assert that shadow banning, blocking, and potentially altering the narrative might be used to evade confrontations with criticism. There are even accusations of him buying subscribers.

These actions have led to questions about Jacobs’s transparency and his willingness to engage with diverse viewpoints. The discussion surrounding these practices underscores the importance of open dialogue and fostering an environment where a variety of opinions can be expressed and considered constructively. The reason why many of his former subscribers had turned on him and have stopped watching his content.

A Hated YouTuber

Eric Jacobs has faced a fair share of criticism and negative sentiments from certain quarters. His reputation has been impacted by various reasons, including controversies related to his YouTube channel. The accusation of banning individuals from commenting on his videos has contributed to his polarizing image. Moreover, allegations of animal mistreatment surfaced, particularly regarding the adoption and subsequent rehoming of a puppy named Tig.

This situation led some to speculate that Jacobs might have utilized the puppy for donations and views, which he strongly denied. Adding to the mix are wild rumors suggesting that the dog may have met an unfortunate fate, as Tig was not frequently shown on his channel. Eric’s history with his ex-partner Angela, his actions leading to a pizza delivery driver’s firing over a seemingly minor incident, and other controversies have all played a part in contributing to the mixed opinions surrounding him. It’s important to remember that online perceptions can sometimes be distorted or exaggerated, and each side of the story deserves careful consideration.


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