Nikki Delventhal is a popular YouTuber known for sharing her exciting travel vlogs, which often involve road trips and hiking adventures. She has a unique and unconventional lifestyle, as she lives in a van that she has converted into a cozy home. She was born on January 5, 1989, making her zodiac sign Capricorn.

With her adventurous spirit and love for exploring the world, Delventhal proudly calls herself an “Adventurer Weirdo,” embracing the quirky and fearless nature that sets her apart from the ordinary. Nikki’s videos inspire many people to step out of their comfort zones and experience the beauty of the world, one adventure at a time.

Relationship Status

As of now, Nikki Delventhal remains single and has kept her love life mostly private, without revealing many details about her past relationships. One anecdote she did share was about a date with an unnamed man, where they went skiing but unfortunately ended in disaster as she accidentally tear her meniscus, leaving her unable to walk.

Nikki Delventhal is traveling through the narrow path with big rocks on either side.
Nikki Delventhal traveling in California (Source: Nikki Delventhal Instagram @nikkidelventhal)

Despite this unfortunate experience, Delventhal also talked about another two-month-long trip with a different person. Although that person wasn’t the right match for her, she cherishes the beautiful memories they created together. Nikki remains optimistic about finding the right person to be in a relationship with one day, as she dreams of having a family and kids in the future. For now, she embraces her single life and looks forward to what the future holds.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Nikki Delventhal has an estimated net worth of $1 million, and her primary source of income comes from her successful YouTube channel. Apart from the regular ad revenue she earns from YouTube, she also does sponsorships, like the one she did with Jackery Power Station in the past. Additionally, she receives generous support from her dedicated fans through Patreon, where they make donations to further support her content creation.

Delventhal’s YouTube channel is incredibly popular, attracting an average of 200,000 views per video. With her consistent uploading schedule of around four videos per month, she earns over $14,000 a month from YouTube ad revenue alone. Nikki’s hard work, engaging content, and strong fanbase have undoubtedly contributed to her financial success, allowing her to continue doing what she loves and providing quality content for her viewers.

Work Before Becoming An Adventurer

Before embarking on her journey as an adventurer and YouTube creator, Delventhal had quite a diverse work history. She was celebrity hair stylist, using her talents to create stunning looks for well-known personalities. Her skills and creativity in the world of fashion and beauty made her stand out in the industry. She has also previously worked for the famous hair stylist, Sally Hershberger.

Nikki Delventhal and Logan O'Connor are smiling and hugging each other.
Nikki Delventhal with her friend Logan O’Connor (Source: Nikki Delventhal Instagram @nikkidelventhal)

Additionally, Delventhal worked as a fitness instructor in the bustling city of New York, helping people stay fit and healthy through her energetic and motivational classes. Not only that but she also worked as a Wilhelmina model, showcasing her charisma and striking looks in front of the camera. These experiences allowed her to explore different passions and build a solid foundation for her later adventures as a content creator, where she continues to inspire and entertain her audience with her love for travel, exploration, and the great outdoors.

Used To Be An NFL Cheerleader

Before venturing into her various careers, Delventhal had an exciting and dynamic role as an NFL cheerleader. From 2011 to 2013, she proudly represented the New York Jets (the club that Joe Namath had played for) as part of their renowned cheerleading squad known as the Flight Crew. As an NFL cheerleader, she showcased her exceptional dance skills, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering team spirit, rallying fans and boosting morale at football games.

Being part of the Flight Crew allowed Delventhal to be a part of the thrilling game-day atmosphere and connect with fans, adding an unforgettable chapter to her life journey. Though she has since moved on to other endeavors, the memories and experiences from her time as an NFL cheerleader surely hold a special place in her heart and continue to inspire those around her.

About Nikki’s Dog Companion, Camper

Delventhal’s dog companion, Camper Delventhal, is a constant presence in her life, accompanying her on all her adventures. They share a deep bond, and she affectionately refers to her dog as the love of her life. Their heartwarming story began when Nikki was on a cross-country journey with her mom, living in her Prius for about a year.

Nikki and Camper Delventhal are standing between rock pillars.
Nikki Delventhal with her dog companion, Camper Delventhal (Source: Nikki Delventhal Instagram @nikkidelventhal)

While driving in a remote area, Delventhal and her mom decided to take a break and stretch their legs near a trailhead. That’s when she noticed a puppy chasing after their car through the rear-view mirror. Surprisingly, the little pup jumped into her lap when she opened the door.

Thinking Camper would leave, Delventhal left some food and water before starting their hike. However, much to their delight, he decided to stick with them and became an inseparable part of her life ever since. Their encounter on that fateful day led to a lifelong companionship filled with love, adventures, and unforgettable memories.

Previously Taken Part In The Bachelor

Before achieving fame on YouTube and becoming an adventurer, Delventhal took a shot at finding love on the popular reality TV show “The Bachelor.” She appeared as a contestant on the 19th season of the show, vying for the heart of Chris Soules, the Bachelor of that season as mentioned in an article from Bustle. With her engaging personality and genuine intentions, she endeavored to form a meaningful connection with him amidst the excitement and drama of the show.

Although Delventhal’s journey on “The Bachelor” came to an end in week 4 when she was eliminated, the experience taught her valuable lessons about love, relationships, and the world of reality television. Her time on the show might not have resulted in finding love with Chris, but it undoubtedly served as a stepping stone to the extraordinary path she would later embark on, capturing the hearts of her audience through her adventures and YouTube channel.

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About Delventhal’s YouTube Channel

Nikki Delventhal’s YouTube channel has been a platform for sharing her adventurous spirit since her first video on August 18, 2020. With over 720,000 subscribers today, her content revolves around traveling and exploration. As a passionate hiker, adventurer, and outdoor enthusiast, she has embarked on journeys to numerous places across the globe.

Delventhal’s wanderlust has taken her to more than 55 countries, allowing her to experience diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. One unique aspect of her adventures was her choice of living in 2006 Toyota Prius during her trips, which garnered her much attention and admiration. However, as her thirst for exploration grew and her journey evolved, she decided to switch to more rugged 4×4 van, which offers her greater freedom and access to remote locations. Through her captivating videos, she continues to inspire her viewers to embrace the wonders of the world and live life to the fullest.

Involved In Charity Works

Nikki Delventhal is not just an adventurer and content creator; she also has a compassionate heart and is actively involved in charity work. One notable initiative she founded is called CamperCares, a charitable project dedicated to assisting animals, families, and fosters in need, as mentioned on her official website. Through this project, she and her team offer financial aid to cover medical and veterinary bills for those who require assistance.

The project’s funding comes not only from Delventhal’s resources but also from generous donations contributed by her supportive community and followers. By combining her passion for adventure with her desire to make a positive impact, she has created a platform that not only entertains but also gives back to those who need it the most. Her dedication to philanthropy exemplifies the caring and compassionate nature that lies beneath her adventurous spirit.


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