Updated: 01/11/2017 04:32 PM | First Published: 01/11/2017 10:00 AM

Mother of two, Nicole Petallides has still got hot body measurements

Nicole Petallides in tennis outfit

One of the favorite anchors on Fox Business Network, Nicole Petallides is a married woman. 

She is married to Nicholas Tsiolas, a dentist based in Manhattan, since 1998. With her husband, she shares two sons, names of whom have not been revealed till date.

Nicole Petallides, a working mom who strives for perfection every day, has balanced her work life and family life so far and she would surely in the days to come. As revealed by her in an interview, she has a great relationship with her growing kids and is always in the effort to develop a stronger bond with them.

In the interview, she also revealed how she and her husband tell their sons over and over to stick by each other forever. She added, “They are blessed to have each other. And they do already have a wonderful bond and friendship.”

Although Nicole has not let the media to interfere her sons’ lives, she has shared a lot about them. She revealed that her sons love basketball and they hope to play for NBA when they grow up. They also like playing soccer, flag football, and lacrosse, but they don’t love them as much as they love basketball.

Working in a field that demands high energy and having two “rambunctious, energetic, very sweet and smart boys” have added reasons for Nicole to stay healthy. 

Nicole usually gets up at 4 am and sleeps by 9 pm and she is strict on herself about the schedules. On most of the days, she eats home-cooked foods and occasionally has burgers and pizzas while going out with the family. She loves snowboarding, tubing and jet skiing, basking on beaches, bowling and playing tennis. 

Nicole has maintained an attractive figure even in her mid-40s. Reportedly, her body measurements are 35-26-36 inches, which give her an hourglass shaped figure. She stands 6.2 feet tall and weighs approximately 57 kg. The tall height has indeed made this brunette one of the hottest anchors on television.