Updated: 01/11/2017 03:37 PM | First Published: 01/11/2017 01:25 AM

Nicole Petallides' childhood shaped her Fox News career

Nicole Petallides at New York Stock Exchange

Nicole Petallides was born as Nicole Anais Petallides on 20 September 1971 in Queens, New York as the daughter of John C. Petallides and Fannie Holliday, an immigrant from Cyprus. She follows Greek-Orthodox religion.

Her father is an owner of a telemarketing and a promotional company in New York called U.S. Amfax. He also owns a couple more companies like Salesforce 911 and Parent Reach. Likewise, her mother is the founder and COO of a Greek-language daily newspaper called Proini and of an English-language weekly newspaper called The Greek American

As a child, Nicole was interested in pursuing a career in acting or singing but after her mother launched Proini, she got attracted towards journalism which shaped her future.

Nicole enrolled at Buckley Country Day School, from where she graduated in 1985. She then joined American University and graduated by majoring in Business and Communications in 1993.

After graduating from the university and before making it big at Fox Business News, Nicole gathered work experiences from various platforms. Her career journey began as a segment producer for The Wall Street Journal Report with Consuelo Mack, European Business News and Asian Business News.

Petallides then joined CNBC. There she worked as an assistant producer to produce the daily reports from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

She left CNBC to work as an anchor with international television channel Bloomberg Television. There too, she used to report from NYSE for Bloomberg Market Update and Bloomberg Business Report, two nationally syndicated programs of the channel. While working for Bloomberg, she worked for WPIX channel as a weekend news reporter and a business news anchor.

Nicole finally joined the Fox Business Network in 2007. She and Jenna Lee were the first two anchors to report on-air from the newly launched Fox network on 15 October 2007. Since then, she has been reporting from the network’s New York-based office. She has made a guest appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

It has almost been a decade since Nicole began working with Fox Business Network. So, presumably, she receives a huge amount as her salary from the company. She might have even accumulated a huge net worth by the help of hefty paychecks she receives. But, neither her salary nor her net worth is disclosed to the public.