Mother of two children, Nicole Curtis is living a husband less life

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Nicole Curtis has two children of her own. She welcomed her first son Ethan, born December 24th, 1997, while she was in her college days, aged 18. Another son, Harper, arrived in July 2015, and till date, Nicole is fighting for the custody of her son. In addition to that, she was also been slammed with several lawsuits by her ex-husband, her mother and government officials. 

Nicole Curtis successfully kept her personal life away from the media for almost 6 years before surprising all her fans in July 2015. She posted a picture on her Facebook account, in which she was seen with her baby bump. The same year she welcomed her second child Harper with her then-boyfriend Shane Maguire.

Since the birth of Harper, things have turned from fruitful to sour for Nicole, as the duos had to stand up against one another in order to fight for the custody of their child. The legal battle was so ugly that it even raised questions in regards to Nicole's mental health. The couple currently shares joint custody of Harper. 

The child custody is not only the case which has been filed against the reality star. Her mother Joanie Curtis,  pursued legal help after being threatened by Nicole. Besides being threatened, she also claimed that Nicole disrupted the environment of the hospital where her grandmother was being treated.

Apart from that, she is also likely to face a lawsuit filed against her by the city of Minneapolis. She brought a house for just 2 dollars in 2012 and agreed to fix it up. But even after four years, the progress seems slow and because of that, her house is likely to be seized by the officials. 

Several reports have claimed that Nicole Curtis romanced her alleged boyfriend, Steve Lane, while both were in their college days. The two separated following the birth of their first son Ethan. The young mother encountered numerous hurdles in order to raise her child. Speaking about the difficulties she faced, the reality star said “Ten years ago I was a struggling mum working for people to take my design/construction work seriously… Now I am executive producer of Rehab Addict, and this show is about my life as a mum, a designer, realtor and investor.”

Nicole released her first book titled Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned From Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me). The book was published on 18th October 2016 and explores the issues that Nicole tackled in her professional and personal life.

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