Nicole Briscoe tied knots with Ryan Briscoe, a race car driver in 2009 – Is she pregnant?



Nicole Briscoe delivered her first baby with husband in December 2013 when the baby's dad, Ryan, was on NASCAR duties. The baby was named Finely Briscoe. Their happiness was doubled when Nicole was pregnant with their second child. Their second child Blake arrived in July 2016.

Nicole has found success in both her career and her family life

American sportscaster Nicole Brisco is married to an Australian racing car driver Ryan Briscoe in December 2009 and is also blessed with a child. Wait, that's not it there is more and that is the couple is expecting a second child and it is speculated that the child is to be born in this July.

Since their first meeting, the couple has maintained a healthy relationship

Yes, Nicole is pregnant. She had given birth to her first child Finely  in 2013. Nicole is a sportscaster currently serving ESPN. She is broadcaster and host of NASCAR Now. Her husband Ryan is an international racing car driver. Nicole is former Miss Illinois of 1998 who has also participated in various another beauty pageant. Nicole persuaded her career at Northern Illinois for WREX-TV. She has achieved good height in her life.

Nicole is a family woman and knows how to handle family and handling her family perfectly till the date. She seems pretty happy and with her husband Ryan. Ryan and Nicole first met in Indianapolis auto-racing where Ryan was racing driver and Nicole was reporting the auto-racing.

Then they started dating each other and after the relation of 4 years, they got married. The couple understands each other and that is the reason behind their happy and stable married life. Both of them are busy indeed, however, they always find time to spend with each other.

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