Updated: 12/06/2016 05:11 PM | First Published: 12/06/2016 09:10 AM

New York born Will Rothhaar has a significant fan following

Will Rothhaar at a Killing Kennedy's premier

Will was born as William Edward Lamar "Will" Rothhaar on January 12, 1987.  He was born in New York City to parents Michael Rothhaar and Nancy Linehan Charles. Both of his parents were involved in the entertainment industry- his mother was a playwright and actor while his father was a small-scale director. Will was raised in Los Angeles and graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School. He started attending theater while as a young kid.

Will is currently on his late 20s. He is a handsome young man, most deserving of a caring partner. He has a light brown hair and stands with an estimated height of 5.7 feet. He has an athletic build. If you haven’t been intrigued by Will’s crystal blue eyes and incredible lashes, girl, you are missing out on the World!

Undoubtedly, Will is an avid social media user. His Instagram account, @therealwillylamar, is a testimony of Will’s varied interest in nature and the world. Will has more than 2K followers on his official twitter account - @Realwillylamar.