Nathan Kane Samara, also known as “Nate,” is the legendary hip-hop figure, Eminem’s half-brother on their mom’s side. He was born on February 3, 1986, which makes him 14 years younger than his famous brother. Despite being under the shadow of Marshall Mathers, he has made some name for himself in the entertainment world.

Nathan is one talented guy who wears many hats in life. He’s not just one thing; he’s a jack of all trades. He’s an actor, which means he can step into different roles and bring stories to life. But that’s not all – he’s also a DJ as well as a rapper. On top of all that, he’s an entrepreneur, which means he’s got that business-savvy side, always looking for new opportunities and ways to make things happen.

Eminem’s Brother Is A Married Man

Nathan Kane Samara is a man who found his happily ever after. He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Mae, on May 7, 2018. Imagine the love and excitement that must have filled the air on that special day! Marriage is a beautiful journey where two people decide to walk together through life’s ups and downs, and Nathan and Ashley choose to take that step together.

Nathan Kane Samara and Ashley Mae are posing for the picture at the football stadium.
Nathan Kane Samara with his wife, Ashley Mae (Source: Nathan Samara Instagram @nathankanemathers)

Ashley is not just Nathan’s wife, but she’s also a talented entrepreneur. She’s the proud owner of a business called Simple Luxe. Her company is all about making your special events truly unique and memorable. They offer a wide range of one-of-a-kind rentals and customizable decor options to suit your event’s needs.

Net Worth Of Nathan Kane Samara

Nathan Kane Samara has built a pretty successful life for himself, with an estimated net worth of around $1 million. That’s no small achievement! He’s managed to accumulate this wealth through various income sources, showing his versatility when it comes to making a living.

Nathan is quite the entrepreneur, and he’s got a unique focus – the cannabis industry. He’s involved with a cannabis company, Natrabis, Society C. It’s pretty interesting how he’s chosen to work in a field that’s evolving rapidly and has growth potential.

Samara’s talents truly span a wide range, as he’s not only an entrepreneur but also a rapper and a DJ, which gives him additional avenues to earn a living doing what he loves. Music can be a fantastic way to express oneself and connect with people on a deep level. However, it’s worth noting that he, like many individuals in the entertainment industry, has chosen to keep his income details private.

Nathan Is A Father

Samara’s life is not just about his career and talents; he’s also a loving father. Together with his wife Ashley, they’ve been blessed with three wonderful children, making their family complete. Their oldest child is their daughter, Audrianna Melkonian, who was born in 2006. Imagine the joy of becoming parents for the first time! Then came their second son, named Liam Mathers, who surely brought more laughter and love into their lives.

Nathan Kane, Ashley, Audrianna, Liam, and Carter Mathers are all wearing wedding white clothes.
Nathan Kane Samara’s kids, Audrianna, Liam, and Carter Mathers (Source: Ashley Mathers Instagram @ash.mae)

Last but not least, the youngest member of Nathan and Ashley’s family, son Carter Mathers, was born on February 25, 2017. Each of their children must have a unique personality and quirks, and they are likely very proud parents, cherishing every moment they share with their kids as they grow up together. Family is a treasure, and it sounds like they have a beautiful one.

What Does Eminem’s Brother Do For A Living?

Samara has a hands-on role in the cannabis industry, and he’s making his mark. He’s working in Lake Orion, Michigan, for a company, Natrabis and Society C, where he holds the important positions of Cultivation and Quality Control Manager. That means he’s responsible for overseeing the growth and quality of the cannabis plants they cultivate.

It’s a job that requires a lot of care and expertise, as the quality of the plants can greatly impact the final product. Eminem’s brother has been in this role since August 4, 2021, so he’s had some time to gain experience and make a positive impact in his field. It’s clear that he’s deeply involved in the cannabis world, and his dedication is helping to shape the industry’s future.

Nathan’s talents and interests don’t stop at his involvement in the cannabis industry or his music career. He’s a person of many dimensions. When he’s not busy with his other jobs, he enjoys painting. Painting is a wonderful way to express creativity and emotions, and it’s fantastic that he has a creative outlet like this. Additionally, he works as a personal trainer, helping people stay healthy and fit. Being a personal trainer allows him to share his knowledge and passion for fitness with others, helping them achieve their wellness goals.

Has A Bit Of Acting Experience

Nathan has also dabbled in acting, which adds another layer to his list of talents. In the 2020 film titled “Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge,” he took on a significant role as Detective Liam O’Connor, as mentioned on its IMDb page. Acting is a captivating way to step into different characters and tell stories, and it’s impressive to see that Nathan had a main role in a movie.

Nathan Kane Samara is wearing a white vest with chains.
Nathan Kane Samara in Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge (Source: Kyyba Films YouTube Channel)

It must have been an exciting experience for Samara to be a part of a film project and bring a character like Detective Liam O’Connor to life. Eminem’s brother’s ability to explore different creative avenues, from music to acting, showcases his versatility and his willingness to take on new challenges.

Nathan has also made appearances in a few music videos, which is another cool aspect of his career. You might spot him in music videos of Swifty McVay Featuring Obie Trice & Nathan Mathers’s “Phony,” Swifty McVay’s “Scariest Thing,” and Obie Trice’s “Got Some Teeth.” These music videos are like short films, and his presence in them adds an extra layer of interest.

Also Been In Few Eminem’s Music Video

Samara’s connection to the world of music doesn’t stop at his own career and music videos. He’s also made appearances in some of his brother Eminem’s music videos, which is pretty awesome. He has been in Slim Shady’s iconic videos like “Sing for the Moment” and “Without Me.”

In “The Way I Am,” Samara played the role of one of the fans, adding a personal touch to the video. And in the unforgettable song “Stan,” he took on the character of Matthew in Eminem’s collaboration with Dido. It’s incredible to see how he has been a part of some of the most famous music videos in the industry, and his involvement adds a unique dimension to these videos. It must have been a great experience for him to work alongside his brother on these musical journeys.

Made A Diss Track On MGK

Nathan Kane Samara certainly didn’t shy away from the heat of the music world’s famous feud between Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and his brother Eminem. It all started when MGK dropped a diss track called “Rap Devil” aimed at the “Lose Yourself” rapper, and the rap world was buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Eminem, never one to back down from a lyrical challenge, responded with his epic diss track, “Killshot.” But what’s interesting is that his half-brother, Samara also got in on the action by creating his diss track directed at MGK, aptly titled “Shut The F*%# Up.” It’s a bold move to step into the ring of such a high-profile feud, but it shows his confidence and willingness to stand up for his family. Feuds like this one are part of what makes the rap world so exciting, and his involvement added another layer of intrigue to the drama.

Has Nathan Mathers Been In Any Controversies

Nathan Kane Samara/Mathers, like many public figures, has had his share of controversies. One notable incident occurred in 2003 when tracks from Eminem’s album “Encore” were leaked from a disc titled “Straight from the Lab.” This led to speculation that he might have been involved in the leak as a way to grab attention. However, it later came to light that he wasn’t the culprit behind the leak; it was a friend of his.

Samara’s song “Shadow Of A Celebrity” has sparked some curiosity and debate among listeners. The title and content of the song have led many to speculate if it might be directed towards Kimberly Anne Scoot’s ex-husband, Eminem. While the song’s content may give us clues, the real story behind it remains a bit of a mystery, leaving listeners to ponder its meaning.


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