Married for longtime to Husband Joe Rhodes, does Natalie Morales have a perfect Family life? Also, Her Kids?

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For a job holder mother, it becomes very difficult to manage all the household things and to give time for family and as well as to present actively in office time.

Being a mother of two children, Natalie Morales also may find it difficult sometimes. But undoubtedly, Morales has made her place in journalism area.

Besides her career and husband, she says “ I am very fond of my children”. Her sons; Josh and luke have a very special bond, she shared to the public. Unlike other siblings, they don’t fight with each other. That might be the result of good parenting!

As it is reported, Josh is a protective brother to Luke. With 5 years of age differences between them, there is also no competitiveness in them.

Reading her interviews, we can say that she's been an ideal mother to her boys. Natalie Morales and her husband, it seems, have a perfect family life!

Natalie Morales and husband, Joseph Rhodes, have been married for nearly two decades. Their family of four reside nearby Los Angeles, California after living in Hoboken, New Jersey for several years. Before she wedded Joseph, she had to face a tragedy but now she has moved on.

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A key to a healthy relationship is to forgetting the awful things happened in past

Morales married the man of her dreams, Joe Rhodes, in the year 1998 on August 22. After being together for six years, Morales conceived their first baby and named him Joseph Stockton Rhodes. Later, in 2008, the couple had another child whom they named Luke Hudson Rhodes.

Morales's life is not all that blessed. She once had to deal with something terrible; deprivation of a child caused by miscarriage. Rumour has it that Matt Lauer, host of “Today” was the father of her unborn child.

However, Natalie has denied the allegations of her ever having an affair with Lauer, also making it clear that her move to Access Hollywood from the Today Show was unrelated to the rumor. She said,"This move was dictated by me and my desire to grow in my career. Any insinuations beyond that are uninformed."

In the video below, Morales talks bravely about her unfortunate miscarriage.

Despite that rumor, which spread like a wildfire, Joseph and Natalie are not letting that to be a serious issue. They are trying to forget whatever happened in the past and have already started living gracefully with their offsprings.

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