Alex Wagner’s anchoring job at MSNBC has helped her amass the massive wealth into her accounts. But the exact numerical figure of salary and net worth of this American nationality beholder journalist hasn’t been unveiled yet.

Popular television host Alex managed to earn a great amount of money through her career job. Reportedly, she owned total net worth of three million dollars in 2015 resulted by her good paychecks of $600 thousand.

But authentic statistical data of her current salary and net worth isn’t publicized. A notable portion of Alex’s fortune comes from her work with MSNBC show Now with Alex Wagner. Let’s take a close glance at her career.

Following her graduation from Brown University majoring in Literature & Art History, she landed her first job as the cultural correspondent at Center for American Progress.

Subsequently, she went on to be the chief editor of The Fader magazine in 2003 and covered music & cultural movements of the world until 2007. She then became White House Correspondent for a political news magazine Politics Daily. After a short time there, she moved to The Huffington Post.

Wagner appeared as an analyst on MSNBC show Countdown with Keith Olbermann & The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Starting to host a show Now with Alex Wagner in November 2011, she gained popularity as a political commentator.

As announced in 2016 by The Atlantic, Wagner would leave MSBNC and join the magazine to be a senior editor. More to writing for the magazine, she will also moderate events with the AtlanticLIVE & help developing television projects and videos with The Atlantic Studios.

Alex was born to Tin Swe Thant, an immigrant from Myanmar, and Iowa-born father Carl Wagner of German & Irish ancestry. Born with a mixed ancestry, she holds an American nationality.

American television journalist Alex Wagner has accumulated lot more after joining MSNBC. There have been various reports on her net worth and salary, but we are still blindfolded about how much MSNBC pays Alex Wagner.