Moriah Elizabeth, a talented YouTuber, has carved out a distinctive space for herself on the platform. Her self-titled channel has become a hub for art enthusiasts and craft lovers alike. With a captivating blend of squishy toy reviews and imaginative DIY craft tutorials, she keeps her audience eagerly awaiting each new video. Born on November 14, 1994, she belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign, which might explain her intense passion and attention to detail in her creative pursuits.

Elizabeth’s friendly demeanor and clear passion for what she does have endeared her to over 9.2 million subscribers who not only learn from her videos but also find comfort in her relatable approach. Through her content, she not only showcases her impressive skills but also encourages others to embrace their creativity and embark on their artistic journeys.

Elizabeth’s Relationship Status

Moriah Elizabeth’s relationship status reveals that she is a happily married woman. She shares her life with her husband, Jordan, whom she married at the surprisingly young age of 19. Their love story has a unique twist, as they first crossed paths back in 2014 when she was just ten years old. This goes to show that sometimes, meaningful connections can form early in life.

Moriah Elizabeth and Jordan are sitting on the mini stairs as they are talking.
Moriah Elizabeth with her husband, Jordan (Source: Moriah Elizabeth YouTube Channel)

Elizabeth and Jordan eventually tied the knot in 2013, embarking on their journey together. While she tends to keep her married life fairly private, keen-eyed viewers have spotted her husband in a few of her YouTube videos. This little peek into their life together adds a personal touch to her channel, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of the person who shares in her creative adventures and achievements.

What Is The DIY YouTuber’s Net Worth?

Moriah Elizabeth’s hard work and creativity have led to an impressive estimated net worth of $4 million. Her main source of income comes from her successful presence on YouTube. With dedication and consistency, she manages to upload around four videos each month. It’s quite remarkable that each of her videos garners an average of 2 million views, highlighting her strong connection with her audience. It’s estimated that she makes at least $144,000 each month from ad revenue alone.

Expanding her income streams, Elizabeth also generates revenue through merchandise sales that cater to kids and art enthusiasts. Her collection includes a range of thoughtfully designed items such as pencil cases, hanging storage solutions, desk organizers, backpacks, plushies, lunch boxes, and complete stationery sets. These products not only showcase her creative flair but also provide her fans with practical and stylish ways to incorporate art into their daily lives.

Has Experienced Motherhood

Elizabeth’s journey has expanded into motherhood, as she is now a proud mother to a daughter and is currently expecting another child. Her first daughter was born around October 2021, marking a new chapter in her life. While she tends to keep her family life relatively private, she hasn’t revealed extensive details about her daughter.

The daughter is sitting on a table as Moriah Elizabeth looks at her.
Moriah Elizabeth’s daughter (Source: Moriah Elizabeth YouTube Channel)

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Elizabeth continued to share her creativity and experiences with her audience, posting videos regularly. Her dedication was evident, as she maintained her commitment to her channel even during this special time. Only during the week when she was in labor did she take a break from posting, as mentioned in an article from Sports Keeda Pop, highlighting her remarkable work ethic and passion for what she does. This glimpse into her personal life allows fans to connect with Moriah on a deeper level, sharing her joys and milestones beyond the realm of crafts and YouTube.

Has Invented A Few Words

Moriah Elizabeth’s creativity and innovative thinking have transcended the boundaries of art and ventured into the realm of language itself. Her ability to invent new words has been so impactful that some of them have found their way into dictionaries, cementing their place in the lexicon of contemporary language. These linguistic creations, which often come to life on platforms like Urban Dictionary, add a touch of her distinctive personality to the world of words.

Examples such as “drainting,” “particularisms,” and “obnoxion” not only demonstrate Elizabeth’s witty and imaginative approach but also illustrate her knack for expressing complex ideas with simplicity. Through this linguistic creativity, she showcases her multi-faceted talent and leaves a trail of linguistic gems that inspire and amuse language enthusiasts across the globe.

About Elizabeth’s YouTube Channel

Moriah Elizabeth’s YouTube channel, simply named ‘Moriah Elizabeth’, has been a creative hub since she joined the platform on August 26, 2010. Her engaging content has resonated with viewers worldwide, resulting in a remarkable achievement of over 3 billion total views on her channel. With a dedicated fan base, her channel boasts over 9.2 million subscribers who eagerly anticipate her uploads.

Among Elizabeth’s impressive collection of videos, one stands out as a favorite among fans. Her most popular video, titled “Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #7,” has amassed an astonishing 40 million views. This demonstrates her knack for capturing attention and her unique ability to turn mundane items into captivating works of art. Her channel’s success not only showcases her creative talent but also her ability to build a strong community of followers who appreciate her artistic endeavors.

Elizabeth’s content is a captivating blend of squishy makeovers and her creative masterpiece, ‘Create This Book’. Through her squishy makeovers, she transforms ordinary and worn-out squishy toys into vibrant, one-of-a-kind creations, showcasing her artistic skills and innovative ideas. To bring her content to life, she relies on Adobe Premiere Pro CC for video editing, ensuring that her videos are polished and engaging. When it comes to filming, she chooses the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, a high-quality camera that captures the intricate details of her craft projects with clarity. These tools reflect her commitment to delivering top-notch content to her audience.

Elizabeth’s reach goes beyond her main channel, as she caters to a Spanish-speaking audience with her second channel, “Moriah Elizabeth en Español.” Launched on December 23, 2020, this channel offers content exclusively in Spanish, allowing her to connect with a wider range of viewers. While staying true to her creative roots, she ensures that her Spanish-speaking fans can also enjoy her unique blend of squishy makeovers and artistic explorations. With over 37,000 subscribers and counting, her second channel’s popularity illustrates her ability to engage audiences across different languages.

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About Elizabeth’s Family

Elizabeth’s family background is a blend of cultures and diversity. Born to a father of Peruvian and Italian descent and a mother of White ethnicity, her mixed heritage adds an enriching layer to her identity. While there isn’t much information available about her family’s details, it’s clear that her background has influenced her unique perspective and artistic approach.

Additionally, Elizabeth shares a close bond with her sibling, Sam. In her earlier days on YouTube, she and her younger brother collaborated on creating humorous videos that showcased their chemistry and shared sense of humor. These videos not only reflected their strong sibling connection but also offered a glimpse into her early creative endeavors, which eventually led her to the artistic path she’s known for today.

Writer Of Create This Book

Elizabeth, in addition to her YouTube presence, has showcased her writing talents as the author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Create This Book’. Her literary prowess shines through in not just one, but two books she has penned: ‘Create This Book’ and its sequel ‘Create This Book 2,’ as mentioned on her official website. The latter serves as the second exciting installment to the original, taking readers on yet another artistic journey. Inside these books, you’ll discover an array of carefully crafted and inventive prompts that are expertly designed to ignite your creative spark.

The book cover is in black and white as Create This Book is written in massive bold letter and the pencil is drawn right beneath it.
Moriah Elizabeth’s book, Create This Book (Source: Moriah Elizabeth Website)

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting to explore your artistic side, these books provide a canvas for your imagination to flourish. Moriah’s knack for engaging storytelling and imaginative prompts has undoubtedly left a mark in the world of creativity, earning her a dedicated following beyond the realm of her YouTube channel.


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