The life of Jhene Aiko was incomplete without Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo, her late brother. Despite his absence, she still remembers him and his impact on her career in the world of music. Aiko, known for her soulful R&B songs, has hooked people with “Sativa,” “The Worst,” and “While We’re Young.”

Aiko died at the age of twenty-six years on July 19, 2012. He hardly lived in this world but his absence is immortalized by those who loved and interacted with him. Her life story is incomplete without mentioning his untimely death. It has affected her as an artist and it shapes the emotions that she puts into her songs.

The Death Of Aiko’s Brother

On July 19, 2012, at the age of twenty-six, Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo died in Los Angeles, California. A grueling fight against what was an incurable brain tumor led to his departure. During the long battle that lasted almost two years, he exhibited immense strength, which came to represent the courage for endurance of the tribulations.

Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo and Jhene Aiko are posing for the picture with their backs resting on one another.
Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo with his sister, Jhene Aiko (Source: YouTube)

Miyagi’s strength of character remained very evident at this time, which was remembered by those who knew him. His story of courageous war is not only evidence of his strength, it inspires others on their way of overcoming the same trials. Even though the death of Aiko’s brother is saddening, it serves as a reminder of the brave and spirited fight showcased by the dearly departed.

The Impact Of Aiko’s Death On Miyagi

It was deep and emotionally devastating for Jhene Aiko following the demise of her brother, Miyagi. The singer opened up about losing her voice literally while speaking to the people who would relate to the same feeling of being in limbo after a loss. Although it was evident that she had made numerous achievements and progress, there was always a cloud that hovered around every achievement she attained in the absence of her brother who was very close to her.

Aiko spoke about the bitter realization that even as she attained all these things, it was without her brothers being with her and by her sides, taking tours with her, and setting up their music while on stage with her. She underwent extreme psychological pressure which was reflected in her feelings of loss and being lost, as reported in People.

When Miyagi died, it was a lot for Aiko to bear. She kept to herself a lot and found it hard to even think that her brother wasn’t there anymore. Having faced one of the most difficult stages in life, she resorted to drinking which eventually brought about depression. She exposes her difficulties in dealing with grief as part of a path that has not been easy for someone such as herself.

Parental Background

Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo’s parental background reflects a combination of cultures that include the influence of his mother, Christina Yamamoto, and Dr. Karamo “Chill” Chilombo, his father. His parents no longer live together but they both give him different perspectives on family history.

Dr. Karamo “Chill” Chilombo is posing with Christmas Tree in the background.
Miyagi Hasani’s father, Dr. Karamo “Chill” Chilombo (Source: Dr. Chill Instagram @ogdrchill)

Miyagi’s mother is a rather unnoticed character. However, Dr. Chill is a man of many layers. As a physician, he goes beyond to become a musician, writer, poet, and spoken word artist. The diverse interests and creative pursuits that he displayed suggest that his family was steeped in both science and art traditions.

What Sort Of A Man Was Miyagi?

To this day, Aiko looks back at Miyagi with great fondness; he is a friendly and play-loving person. She describes him as saying that “he was like a big kid.” He could magically draw children towards himself together with wild animals. He was a good joke-maker, as he would always crack up in class.

Aiko has this special bond with Miyagi and they would always tease each other as adults. These laughter-filled times with mocking led to mutual understanding, symbolizing the happiness and friendship that he brought into life. His pleasant nature gave relief to many of the people amid the adversity he faced during his lifetime.

A Song For Miyagi

Jhene Aiko’s brother passed away at a very young age due to health complications. The sister sang a heartfelt song for him entitled “For My Brother.” The story gets even sadder because he was able to listen to the song before his death.

Through her manager, Aiko emotionally narrated the story to her late brother. That Miyagi heard the song before departure enriches it making this an enduring message that people who understand how much love can be portrayed by music will appreciate it.

Miyaga’s Profession Before Departure

According to The Things, Miyagi Chilombo had previously worked as a media personality before he tragically passed away. While not much is known about what he did, it is obvious that he made some important contributions to this area. Jhene, his sister, gave some interesting ideas on what it could have been like had he not died.

Aiko could have probably included Miyagi in her musical career. He will have joined me for my live stage tours having been a very exciting young DJ and mixed all of my gigs. It is also a peek into the role he could have played in his sister’s career, showing us how tightly knotted their relationship was, both as siblings and partners in creativity.

Chilombo has an impact on Jhene’s music tastes. Her brother used to know about every new piece of music during the LimeWire days, and he had often introduced them to the singer before anybody else. Shared their love for Eminem which is what glued them as they traversed the changing landscapes of music.

Has Few Siblings Like Jhene Aiko

Born on November 18, 1983 as Mila J Jamila Aiko, aka, Mila J. She has expertly built for herself a unique soundscape of a distinguished rapper, vocalist, and auteur. Her ability in musical production can be seen in some of her hits like “Welcome to the West,” “Kickin’ Back,” and “Stay Straight.”

Miyagi Chilombo siblings are posing for one big group picture.
Miyagi Chilombo siblings (Source: Mila J Instagram @milaj)

Miyoko Aminah-Khalil Chilombo started with kidsongs and this continued until 2003 ( the year Rich Eisen and Suzy Shuster married) when she was 12 years old. Within this period, she made her mark on two charming productions: “Kidsongs: Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs” as well as “Kidsongs: We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Born on July 3, 1984, as Jahi Tadashi Jelan Chilombo, he might not be as well known as his siblings but he has left an impression, especially in the captivating universe of kidsongs. In two beloved productions, he also appeared in “Kidsongs: We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Kidsongs: Play Along Songs,” making these treasured childhood programs even more magical.


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