Millennial Farmer, also known as Zach Johnson, is a multi-talented individual who excels in various fields. Not only is he a skilled farmer, but he also shares his knowledge and experiences through his popular YouTube channel. Through his videos, he educates and entertains his audience, giving them insights into the world of farming.

Additionally, Zach is a captivating public speaker, engaging with crowds to inspire and motivate others to pursue their passions. Surprisingly, he is not just limited to farming and public speaking; he is also a talented race car driver. With his determination and skill behind the wheel, he pushes boundaries and embraces the thrill of speed. Whether he’s working on his farm, engaging with his online community, or racing on the track, he continues to make an impact in various areas of his life, demonstrating that one person can excel in multiple endeavors.

Relationship Status

Millennial Farmer is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Becky Johnson. Despite their two-year age gap, they have built a strong and loving relationship over the years. Not only is she Zach’s partner in life, but she is also his business partner, playing a crucial role in the success of their ventures.

Becky Johnson is on a hoodie and a cap taking a selfie in her farm.
Millennial Farmer’s wife, Becky Johnson (Source: Becky Johnson Instagram @mrs.millenialfarmer)

Known as Mrs. Millennial Farmer, Becky is a talented and multifaceted individual. She works as a content creator, utilizing her creativity to produce engaging videos for their YouTube channel. With her expertise in video and audio engineering, she ensures that the content they produce is of the highest quality.

Additionally, Becky takes charge of public relations and manages the business side of the brand. It was her brilliant idea to transform the MN Millennial Farmer YouTube channel into a comprehensive and thriving brand. Together, the lovely couple have formed a remarkable partnership, creating a positive impact through their work and building a successful and beloved brand.

Net Worth Of The Farmer

Millennial Farmer has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His income stems from various sources, including his farming activities, revenue generated through his popular YouTube channel, brand partnerships, sponsorships, and other business ventures. As a farmer, he earns income from his agricultural endeavors, which can include crop production, livestock raising, and other farming activities.

Additionally, Zach’s YouTube channel has gained significant popularity, attracting a large audience and generating revenue through ad placements and views. Furthermore, he has collaborated with brands and secured partnerships that contribute to his income. These partnerships can involve endorsing products or services related to agriculture or collaborating with other companies for mutual promotion.

Zach Is The Father Of A Few Children

Zach Johnson is a proud father and cherishes his family. He has three children, each with a unique personality and place in the family. The eldest child is Onyx Johnson, who brings joy and energy to the household. Next is Rhiannon Johnson, who is three years younger than Onyx, adding a playful dynamic to their sibling relationship. The youngest member of the family is Isla Johnson, who is three years younger than Rhiannon.

Onyx, Rhiannon, and Isla Johnson are out in snow with their hockey stick.
Millennial Farmer kids, Onyx, Rhiannon, and Isla Johnson (Source: Becky Johnson Instagram @mrs.millennialfarmer

Together, Onyx, Rhiannon, and Isla create a lively and loving atmosphere in their home. Interestingly, when Millennial Farmer talks about his family, he often mentions having 3.5 children. This is because they also have Becky’s niece, Aurora, who lives with them. She is considered part of the family, and her presence adds an extra dose of laughter and love.

Education Background

Zach received his education from Minnewaska Area High School, where he completed his secondary education. After high school, he pursued further studies at Northwest Technical College. It was there that he delved into the field of high-performance automotive machining. This specialized education equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to work with precision machinery and optimize performance in the automotive industry.

Zach’s educational background not only provided him with a strong foundation but also fostered his passion for innovation and technical expertise. He has since applied this knowledge to his farming practices, incorporating modern technology and efficient machinery into his agricultural operations.

Millennial Farmer Is Also A Stock-Car Racer

In addition to his farming and YouTube career, Zach is an accomplished car racer, known for his skills on the track. He has gained recognition as a stock-car racer (like Alex Laughlin) in western Minnesota, where he competes in various racing classes. One of the cars he races is the #6X Wissota Modified, owned by Corey Svor of Alexandria.

Millennial Farmer is on his racing suit posing with his friends.
Millennial Farmer at River Cities Speedway (Source: Millennial Farmer Instagram @mnmillennialfarmer)

The farmer Zach primarily races at his home track, Viking Speedway in Alexandria, as well as at I-94 Sure Step Speedway in Fergus Falls during the racing season as mentioned in an article from Race Chaser. Throughout his racing career, he has achieved remarkable feats.

Zach is a three-time Wissota Late Model National Champion and earned the 2013 Wissota Late Model Challenge Series Points title. Additionally, he has recorded 11 career NLRA Late Model wins, highlighting his exceptional skills and consistent performance on the racetrack. With five track championships under his belt, he has demonstrated his versatility and success across various racing classes.

Has A Successful Career As A Farmer And A YouTuber

Millennial Farmer has built a thriving career on YouTube while continuing his family’s farming legacy. Hailing from West Central Minnesota, he proudly represents the fifth generation of family farmers. Recognizing the importance of bridging the gap between farmers and consumers, Zach embarked on a mission to document his farming life on YouTube from his channel which was started on April 3, 2016.

By sharing his experiences, challenges, and triumphs, Zach aims to foster a deeper understanding of the agricultural industry among the general public. As a public speaker, he uses his platform to amplify the voices of farmers and provide farmer-to-farmer education. His goal is to become a national advocate for agriculture, advocating for the welfare of farmers and promoting sustainable farming practices.

While being a farmer has brought fulfillment to Zach, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. One of the toughest times he faced in his farming journey was during the harvest of 2009. The adverse fall weather conditions resulted in a significant amount of corn still standing in the fields, causing delays and complications. To make matters worse, a substantial portion of the harvested corn turned out to be of poor quality as mentioned in an article from Successful Farming.

Why Did Zach Start His YouTube Channel?

Zach Johnson’s decision to start his YouTube channel in 2016, (the same year Kye Kelley married Alisa Mote) stemmed from his observation of a disconnect between farmers and non-farmers. He noticed that misinformation and misconceptions about farming practices were prevalent on social media platforms. It struck him when a girl he knew was unable to find a farmer willing to openly discuss why they planted GMOs. To her, it seemed like farmers were hiding a big secret.

This realization served as a turning point for Zach, sparking a realization that farmers needed to bridge the gap by sharing their knowledge and being transparent about their practices. He understood the importance of dispelling myths and educating the public about the reasoning behind various management techniques used in farming. He recognized the need for farmers to be present on social media platforms and engage in open conversations. Thus, he embarked on his YouTube journey to provide a platform for a better understanding between the farming community and the wider public.


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