In the enchanting world of soccer, there’s a special tale about Mikky Kiemeney, the lovely fiancée of Frenkie De Jong. Frenkie, a talented Dutch footballer, shines brightly on the field as the central midfielder for Barcelona in La Liga and the Netherlands national team. Amidst this excitement stands Mikky, his biggest supporter and the keeper of his heart, adding a touch of romance to the football frenzy.

In the charming town of Hilvarenbeek in the heart of the Netherlands, on a delightful April day in 1998, Kiemeney was born under the energetic sign of Aries. Aries, the zodiac symbol of courage and passion, perfectly suits her vibrant personality. As the years passed, she grew up surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of her hometown, blossoming into the wonderful person we know today.

Currently Engaged To Frenkie De Jong

In a tale filled with love and sweet surprises, Mikky Kiemeney found her heart’s delight in the arms of Frenkie De Jong. Their love story took a magical turn when the Barca player, overflowing with affection, whisked her away on a dreamy trip to Mexico. With a glimmering ring and trembling hands, he surprised her with a heartfelt proposal that echoed through the Mexican breeze. Their love story started way back in 2014 when they first found each other’s hearts.

Frenkie De Jong is taking a selfie as Mikky Kiemeney looks on.
Mikky Kiemeney and her fiancé Frenkie De Jong (Source: Frenkie De Jong Instagram @frenkiedejong)

In the halls of high school, where friendships are forged and memories are made, Kiemeney’s eyes met De Jong’s for the first time, sparking a connection that would last a lifetime. It was in those youthful days, amidst the chatter of classrooms and the excitement of teenage adventures, that their love story began to bloom.

What Is Kiemeney’s Net Worth Status?

Mikky Kiemeney stands as a shining star with an estimated net worth of $4 million, in the fascinating world of business and fashion. Beyond being known as De Jong’s beloved, she is a savvy businesswoman who has carved her path in the industry. With creativity as her compass, she established her clothing brand, ‘MikkyKi,’ where she weaves dreams into fabrics.

Beyond the realm of business, Kiemeney’s talents extend to the glamorous world of modeling and exciting paid partnerships. With grace and style, she has graced the lenses as a model. Her beauty and charisma caught the eye of renowned brands, leading her to delightful collaborations. One such memorable partnership was with Armani Beauty. While her success speaks volumes, she remains private about her income, keeping the mystery alive.

Family Background


In the heartwarming tale of Mikky’s family, her parents, Marc Kiemeney and Barbara Kiemeney, stand as the pillars of love and support. Marc and Barbara, with hearts full of kindness and wisdom, have nurtured their daughter with care and affection, shaping her into the wonderful person she is today.

Kiemeney’s family boasts a delightful connection to the world of advertising. Marc channels his creative energies at a vibrant firm called Capital Advertising in Hertogenbosch. Within its lively walls, he weaves imaginative campaigns and ideas, painting the town with colors of innovation. Not to be outdone, Barbara, also danced to the tunes of creativity in a similar field. Her passion for advertising mirrors her husband’s, creating a shared enthusiasm that lights up their home.

Mikky, Marc, Barbara, Bing, and Billy Kiemeney are posing for one big picture.
Mikky Kiemeney family Marc, Barbara, Bing, and Billy Kiemeney (Source: Marc Kiemeney Instagram @marckiemeney)


Mikky is not alone in her adventures. She shares her childhood laughter and sibling secrets with her two wonderful brothers, Bing Kiemeney and Billy Kiemeney. Amid their sibling banter and endless support, she finds not just siblings but lifelong friends in them.

In the family’s tale of ambition and achievements, Bing stands as a beacon of academic excellence. With dedication and hard work, he earned a Master of Science degree in Finance from the prestigious Tilburg University. Now, he has embarked on a professional journey within the captivating realm of advertising, just like his father, Marc.

Among the Kiemeney siblings, Billy is like a mystery waiting to be unraveled. In the bustling world of social media, he’s a quiet presence, preferring the peace of privacy. While he does have an Instagram account, it’s a private sanctuary, shielded from the prying eyes of the online world.

Kiemeney Will Be A Mother Soon

In the heartwarming chapters of their love story, Kiemeney and her fiancé Frenkie De Jong are eagerly awaiting a new chapter: parenthood. The delightful news was shared with the world through a joyful Instagram post on July 2, 2023. In this special announcement, she, with glowing eyes and a heart full of happiness, revealed her growing baby bump to the world.

Mikky Kiemeney is posing in a white dress.
Mikky Kiemeney showing her pregnant belly (Source: Mikky Kiemeney Instagram @mikkykiemeney)

Since then, Kimeney has sprinkled her social media with precious moments, showing her pregnant belly and the pure excitement of becoming a mother. Each shared picture resonates with love and anticipation, painting a picture of a couple eagerly preparing to welcome their little one into the world.

De Jong’s Fiancée Has A Degree

Mikky Kiemeney emerged as a knowledgeable force in the realm where sports and business meet. She embarked on a transformative journey at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, where her academic pursuits led her to delve deep into the world of Commercial Economics with a specialization in SPECO Sports Marketing.

From 2016 to 2021, Keimeney immersed herself in the dynamic world where sports, marketing, and strategy intersect. In her studies, she explored the intricate web of sports business, unraveling the complexities of sponsorship, events, marketing, communication, sales, management, and sports policy. For her, sports weren’t just about the thrill on the field; they were a canvas for understanding the intricate dance of commerce, passion, and strategy.

In the vibrant halls of King Willem II College in the Netherlands, Mikky’s educational journey found its initial chapters. There, amidst the bustling classrooms and the echoes of young minds at work, her curiosity was nurtured, and her passion for learning blossomed. Before stepping into the bustling world of college, she had already marked her academic milestones by completing her graduation from the prestigious Jan Des Bouvrie Academy.

Used To Be An Athlete Herself Back In The Day

In the days of her youth, Mikky was not just a spectator in the world of sports. She was an active participant, displaying her skills on the hockey field. With determination and enthusiasm, she embraced the world of sports as a hockey player. At the young age of 17, in the year 2015 (the year Daddy Dave was involved in a serious car crash), she stepped onto the field for HC Den Bosch’s women’s team, making her debut and leaving a mark as a talented player.

Mikky Kiemeney is running with hockey stick and a ball as opponents is chasing her.
Mikky Kiemeney during her hockey days (Source: Mikky Kiemeney Facebook)

While her passion for the game was undeniable, the professional journey in the sports arena took a different turn for Kiemeney. Despite her talent and dedication, she didn’t pursue a career as a professional athlete. Nonetheless, her time as a hockey player became a cherished part of her past, shaping her character and instilling in her the values of teamwork, discipline, and the thrill of competition.

Involved With Nouri Foundation (Charity Work)

Mikky Kiemeney’s heart beats not just for sports but also for making a difference in people’s lives. She’s deeply involved with the Nouri Foundation, a noble cause that aims to create a safer community. Together with the foundation, she orchestrated a remarkable initiative, placing 34 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public spaces across the Netherlands. These life-saving devices are strategically located in places where they are most needed, ensuring that in times of emergency, help is never far away.

This significant contribution was made possible through Mikky’s special ‘Dream with Me’ collection, a unique endeavor that blends fashion with a heartfelt cause, as mentioned on her website. The Nouri Foundation collaborated with the Heart Foundation to make this mission a reality. By installing AEDs in areas lacking them, they are not just setting up machines; they are creating safe havens where everyone, regardless of circumstance, can feel secure.

The Time Kiemeney Trolled A Man United Fan

In a rare playful moment, Kiemeney, usually keeping a low profile when it comes to football and controversies surrounding Frenkie de Jong, couldn’t resist a bit of good-natured teasing. During the buzz about him possibly moving from Barcelona to Manchester United (a club famously managed by Sir Alex Ferguson), she, with a witty spirit, decided to have some fun on her Instagram.

Mikky playfully trolled Manchester United fans by posting, “February 23, I guess,” hinting at Barcelona’s then-upcoming Europa League match at Old Trafford, as reported in Daily Mail. Her post seemed to gently poke fun at the fans’ eager inquiries about Frenkie’s potential move to Manchester, reminding everyone that amidst the serious world of football, there’s always room for a lighthearted moment or two.


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