Updated: 12/08/2016 12:12 PM | First Published: 12/07/2016 08:30 AM

Mike Greenberg's Flourishing Career with ESPN: Hefty Amount of Salary

The two Mike of ESPN : Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic look dashing in casual outfits

Mike Greenberg was amongst the first hosts of ESPNNEWS when it began its broadcasting in November 1996. In his first three years as a host for ESPNNEWS, he was anchoring SportsCenter and writing articles.  A new chapter in Mike's ESPN career opened when he took responsibility of hosting the syndicated morning time radio program Mike & Mike with Mike Golic. The program presents a humorous point on different subject matters including current events and sports. The program was a big hit and needed to be simultaneously transmitted in ESPN 2. Its growing reputation has racked up 90 million viewers and 3 million listeners, making Mike one of the best in the business. 

Besides being familair face on ESPN Network, Greenberg also have few other successful programs with other television networks. Greenberg  had a stint with ESPN’s sister network ABC where he hosted a week long episode of game show Duel which aired on 17th December 2007 and ended on 23rd December 2007. Additionally, he also headlined the February 2008 soap Opera Guiding Light where he served alongside his radio partner Mike Golic. In April 2012 the prominent television personality Mike Greenberg co-hosted American syndicated talk show Live! With Kelly

Mike Greenberg earns a $2 million salary annually that has resulated to his enormous net worth of $6 million.