Mika Brzezinski has surprisingly maintained her body measurements despite having dealt with eating disorder.

Mika Brzezinski has surprisingly maintained her body measurements despite having dealt with eating disorder. Did she have plastic surgery?




Quick Facts About Mika Brzezinski

Name Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski
Birth Name Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski
Celebrated Name Mika Brzezinski
Date of Birth May 02, 1967
Age 49 Years Old
Profession TV Journalist
Gender Female
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Hair Color Blonde
Husband Jim Hoffer
Working For MSNBC
Ethnicity White
Weight 57 KG

Did Mika Brzezinski, after surviving the ordeals of having an eating disorder, really manage to maintain her healthy body measurements or did she resort to plastic surgery? She has great body measurements of 36-25-36 inches and a weight of 57 kg.

She might have done plastic surgery to maintain such a beautiful body and look. After all, she admitted to havingan eating disorder: she would binge on a lot of food, just as much as an obese person.

Mika has paid a price to maintain her weight despite the eating disorder

Mika is the author of her Book - Obsessed: America's Food Addiction - and My Own, Source : https://images.google.com

With Dianne Smith, she discussed her feeding habits in new book “Obsessed: America's Food Addiction - and My Own”. In the book, she talks about her eating disorder, desire for skinny weight, therapies and other general observations regarding obesity. Mika claims that she has not undergone any plastic surgery so far.

The key to her maintaining her weight despite the disorder was that she would make up for the guilt of eating a lot of food by starving herself afterwards and exercising. After eating a large pizza, for instance, she would go on for days without eating enough.

Her eating disorder started while still at high school. To this date, she has suffered from orthorexia Nervosa, which is an unhealthy obsession with healthy food, and Bulimia among others.

“I'd gorge on the unhealthiest foods and then extreme exercise or I'd starve myself afterwards. I'd have little tricks, like, run 10 miles and then have the whole pizza,” she says.

In an interview with the Cosmopolitan, Mika said: “(Eating Disorders) affect women of all shapes and sizes. I think that's important to talk about because so many women need help. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

"Men judge their value at work in dollars. Too often, women just want respect. But there is NO respect unless you get equal pay for equal work."

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Mika Brzezinski hasn't done any plastic surgery to alter her looks

It is sure that Mika did not do plastic surgery to maintain her body and that she also will not in the future. She is proud of having gained a healthy weight of 57kg. On May 62013, she was 61kg and shared her weight gain on twitter.

Mika is also an avid runner and that running helps her maintain her beautiful figure and toned legs which she flaunts in her show a lot.

Her struggle with an eating disorder hasn't affected her slim body measurements. Mika Brezinski has been able to keep away from plastic surgery.


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