Mighty Car Mods is a popular YouTube show from Australia that’s all about cars and trucks. It’s like a TV show, but you can watch it on the Internet whenever you want. The show is made by two friends named Moog and Marty, also known as Blair Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland.

Moog’s birthday is on September 5, 1978, while Marty’s is on August 9, 1975. They talk about fixing cars, making them look fantastic, and driving them in exciting ways. People from all over the world watch their videos to learn about cars and have fun. Let’s find out more about them.

Moog And Marty’s Relationship Status

Moog and Marty, whose real names are Blair Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland, have a unique bond that goes beyond just their shared love for cars. As partners in their exciting automotive adventures, they have remained single and have chosen to keep their relationship status private. Their dedication to their careers and the passion they pour into their YouTube series, Mighty Car Mods, is truly admirable.

Blair Joscelyne is sitting on the table and Martin Mulholland is standing next to him as they are talking to the camera.
Blair Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland in an episode of Mighty Car Mods (Source: Mighty Car Mods YouTube Channel

While Moog and Marty spend their time tinkering with engines, testing out modifications, and exploring the world of automobiles, they’ve decided to put their romantic pursuits on hold for now. This decision allows them to channel all their energy into creating entertaining and informative content for their fans, who eagerly follow their every project.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Moog and Marty, also known as Blair Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland, have built quite a fortune with an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. They earn their income primarily from their popular YouTube channel and show, “Mighty Car Mods,” where they share their car adventures with fans from all over the world. By posting about five videos every month and attracting an average of 500,000 views per video, they make at least an impressive $45,000 each month from YouTube advertisements alone.

It’s not just YouTube that contributes to their success, though. Moog, in addition to his automotive pursuits, is a talented Australian composer, musician, and producer, which has also brought him financial rewards. “Mighty Car Mods” doesn’t stop at videos; they offer fans a chance to connect with their brand through merchandise like stickers, posters, T-shirts, and even a “fat mat.” Their innovative approach extends to the sale of a “Mystery Box,” adding an element of excitement for their dedicated followers.

Additionally, Moog and Marty’s hard work and entertaining content have attracted the attention of well-known sponsors such as Michelin, Castrol, Haltech, and Shannon’s Insurance, who have contributed to their financial success. Through combination of creative entrepreneurship, dedicated content creation, and strategic partnerships, YouTube partners have not only shared their passion for cars but also achieved impressive financial milestones along the way.

About The Channel Mighty Car Mods

Mighty Car Mods, the exciting YouTube channel, and series, embarked on its digital journey on January 8, 2008. With an incredible journey so far, their videos have been viewed over 826 million times, and their fan base has grown to more than 3.75 million subscribers. Their most renowned video, titled “How To Build A Sleeper [Feature Length] Subaru Powered Beetle,” has captivated the audience’s attention, amassing an astonishing 11 million views.

While the channel has evolved over the years, it’s very first video, “Mighty Car Mods – How to Pimp your Ride for under $500,” reflects its initial foray into the automotive world. Focused on the art of car modifications, Mighty Car Mods has become hub for car enthusiasts seeking creative ways to enhance their vehicles. With a blend of innovation, entertainment, and dash of humor, they’ve managed to not only accumulate views and subscribers but also inspire a global community of automotive aficionados.

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Some Information On Marty From Mighty Car Mods

Martin Mulholland, aka Marty, a key figure in “Mighty Car Mods,” celebrates his birthday on August 9, 1975, and hails from the beautiful land of Australia. Beyond his automotive adventures, he has a professional role as a sound engineer, using his skills to create captivating audio experiences.

In his free time, Mulholland immerses himself in various hobbies, strumming melodies on his guitar, cruising around on his bicycle, and casting lines while fishing. Not just a car enthusiast, he is also a foodie at heart, savoring delectable flavors whenever he can. While he has shared glimpses of his interests, he maintains a level of privacy, allowing fans to connect with his passions through the content he creates. Through his contributions to the automotive YouTube show, he has not only showcased his talents but has also sparked curiosity about the man behind the scenes, leaving fans eager to learn more about his life beyond the camera.

A Bit About Moog

Blair Joscelyne, also known as Moog, is not just a car enthusiast – he’s a multi-talented individual who brings a world of creativity to Mighty Car Mods. Apart from his co-creator role on the show, he shines as an Australian composer, musician, producer, and even filmmaker as mentioned on his official website. Born on September 5, 1978, his musical prowess has extended far beyond the car-focused realm.

Joscelyne’s compositions have left their mark on various platforms, including short films and global advertising campaigns for big names like McDonald’s, Visa, BMW, and Ford. Blair’s talent even graced The National Geographic channel’s show “Tales By Light,” adding captivating dimension to visual storytelling. He honed his skills through dedicated education, earning double majors in composition and music technology from the prestigious Conservatorium of Music and Berklee College.

Blair Joscelyne aka, Moog (Source: Mighty Car Mods YouTube Channel)

Moog’s musical journey has taken him beyond realm of cars, as he has been sharing his knowledge and passion with students of all ages over the years. He’s taken on the role of lecturer at universities, inspiring the next generation of music enthusiasts. His expertise has also been captured in the written word, with numerous articles published in esteemed titles like Audio Technology Magazine, Australian Guitar Magazine, Australian Creative Magazine, and Video & Film-Maker Magazine.

Moog’s musical talents have led him to release several albums and singles, each testament to his creative prowess. Among his notable albums are ‘Kei To The City’ and ‘Chasing Midnight,’ both showcasing his unique musical style. His hit singles, including tracks like ‘These City Lights,’ ‘Take Me Back To Tokyo,’ and ‘One You Find,’ has resonated with listeners, highlighting his ability to craft melodies that strike chord with the heart and soul. His journey through the world of music is harmonious blend of education, innovation, and a true passion for artistic expression.

The Incredible Journey Of Mighty Car Mods

The incredible journey of Mighty Car Mods started with Marty and Moog filming videos right on Marty’s mum’s driveway back in 2007. What began as a simple idea has grown into something extraordinary. The show’s creation is woven into their lives, intertwining with their shared passion for cars, music, motorbikes, films, and global exploration. Their quest for adventure and automotive projects has taken them across the globe, capturing footage in diverse locations.

Marty and Moog’s endeavors have even led them to collaborate with renowned film studios on blockbuster projects like “Fast & Furious,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “Transformers,” as well as with gaming studios on popular titles like “Need For Speed,” as mentioned on their official website. The scope of their talents extends beyond cars; they are both creators and makers, not only crafting automobiles but also producing films. From conceptualization to editing and even music composition, they handle it all, often receiving a helping hand from their friends who join them on this remarkable journey.


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