Secretly married or still single? Does Meredith Salenger have a husband or has she ever been through divorce?

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Meredith Salenger is presently single. She hasn’t married yet nor gone through a divorce. And somehow Meredith doesn’t portray someone who idealizes planning a wedding or picking out the dresses, rather we found her a free spirit.

Quick Facts About Meredith Salenger

Name Meredith Salenger

Celebrities and their married life or singlehood frequently become a subject of media fodder. Likewise, the secretive nature and hidden relationship status of Meredith Salenger has been a hot gossip topic.

Single by choice: Meredith Salenger lives her life happy feet

Meredith Salenger tweeted on April 23rd, 2010 “If I was married and accidentally shrunk my kids, I would think twice about addressing my wife as ‘honey’. Funny!!”. Clearly, this woman has no intention of settling down, so far.

It is hard to know the answer to why Meredith Salenger unmarried? But, seeing her tweets & her reserved nature, it’s harmless to say that she is an independent woman who is just enjoying her singledom.

Despite being a popular actress, Meredith has successfully kept her private matter to herself. In fact, her profile is so concealed that even a single peek into her personal life is quite hard.

Like many celebrities, Meredith was also surrounded with a hoax of being lesbian. And every time she was questioned about her sexuality, this gorgeous persona preferred to remain silent.

Thus, this clearly shows that Meredith is just keeping her private matter to herself. And, if in case, she is having a secret affair, which she is unwilling to disclose, then we are compelled to respect that privacy.

Cupcakes kisses with my favorite little guy.

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Talented actress Meredith Salenger has chosen career over marriage

#tbt college graduation #Harvard

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Meredith had a great vision. In her teens, at eighteen, she went to Harvard University & graduated cum laude with a degree in psychology. Even with an impressive degree, Meredith is an accomplished actress. Such a talented woman!!

Best known for her appearance in movies, including Sparkle & Charm, Meredith earlier demeanor as American sweetheart was loved by many.

Since childhood, Meredith enjoyed acting and at the age of ten, she began her acting career through a television commercial. And now, she is counted as one of the best actresses of all time.

Wishful Wednesday

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It was Meredith’s clear sight of becoming an actress that she has achieved all the fame and name from all around the globe. But she hasn't yet decided on getting married. At the age of 46, Meredith Salenger is still single.

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