Meredith Bernard, known as This Farm Wife, is a friendly and down-to-earth YouTuber who shares her wonderful family farming life with all of us. She’s not just a farmer, but also a loving mother of two beautiful children. Her birthday is on October 22, 1978. Growing up in the heart of North Carolina, USA, she developed a deep connection with the land and the rural way of life.

With a warm smile and a heart full of faith, Bernard takes us along on her farming adventures, showing us how she juggles daily chores, sips on comforting coffee, savors delicious beef, and enjoys the goodness of butter. Her videos capture the essence of a life lived with simplicity and appreciation for nature’s bounty. Let’s discover a bit more about her.

Bernard Is A Married Woman

Meredith Bernard is happily married to her husband Lawrence, and their bond shines brightly in the snapshots she shares on her social media. Her husband is a fellow farmer, and together they create a strong farming team. In the earlier days, he managed the farm all on his own, showing his hardworking spirit. He’s a bit reserved when it comes to the online world and not quite a social media enthusiast like Meredith.

Lawrence, Austin and Wesley Bernard are sitting in the tractor.
Meredith Bernard’s husband, Lawrence Bernard, and the kids, Wesley and Austin Bernard (Source: Meredith Bernard Instagram @thisfarmwife)

Lawrence’s wife has revealed that he would still be using a flip phone if he could, and has no interest in dealing with computers. He’s a unique individual who stays true to himself. He is proud of the fact that he’s never smoked, a testament to his healthy lifestyle choices. What sets him apart is his unwavering self-confidence; he doesn’t let other people’s opinions define him, and he lives authentically without any need for apologies.

What Is Bernard’s Net Worth?

Meredith Bernard’s estimated net worth is around $100,000, a result of her various income streams. She, along with her husband, passionately tends to their farm, which is a significant source of their earnings, although the exact figures remain private. Her engaging YouTube channel, where she provides glimpses into her farm life, is another avenue that adds to her income. With an impressive work ethic, she uploads about 8 videos each month, attracting an average of 70,000 views per video.

The ad revenue from Bernard’s videos alone brings in a substantial sum, estimated to be at least $10,000. Additionally, Meredith showcases her creative side by selling merchandise like t-shirts and rocker tanks, allowing her fans to connect with her unique farm lifestyle. Through these combined efforts, she has not only found a way to share her experiences but also to support herself financially.

Mother To Two Sons

Bernard is a dedicated and loving mother to her two sons, Wesley Bernard, and Austin Bernard, as mentioned on the Acres TV website. These young lads have been fortunate to experience homeschooling, allowing them to learn and grow in the heart of their family’s farm life in North Carolina. Their days are filled with the joys of farming, embracing the land, and witnessing the wonders of nature up close.

Meredith, Wesley, and Austin Bernard are all wearing warm clothes, posing for one big picture.
Meredith Bernard with her sons, Wesley and Austin Bernard (Source: Meredith Bernard Instagram @thisfarmwife)

Bernard’s social media accounts often light up with glimpses of her kids, capturing moments of their laughter and adventures. The family’s strong bond and joyful interactions are evident in these posts, reflecting the warmth and closeness that define their shared experiences. As a mother, Meredith treasures the time spent with her sons and cherishes the memories they create together on their beautiful farm.

Life Before Farm

Before embracing the farming lifestyle that she so beautifully shares today Bernard was no stranger to the world of corporate sales. In her earlier years, she dedicated her time to a demanding corporate sales job, a role she eventually departed from in 2013. During her time in the corporate world, she often found herself on the road, traveling to conduct sales business, selling livestock feed, and using her animal science degree to educate people on equine and livestock nutrition for a decade.

However, as the family expanded, Bernard felt a deep desire to be present and connected with her loved ones right at home, as mentioned in an article from Grounded By The Farm. This longing for a more rooted and fulfilling life led her to make a bold decision. She bid farewell to her corporate career, symbolically trading in her truck for a tractor, and took the plunge into the world of farming. With Lawrence as her guide, she embarked on a new journey, immersing herself in the nurturing embrace of the land and cultivating the heartwarming farm life that she cherishes today.

About Bernard’s YouTube Channel

Bernard’s YouTube channel, affectionately known as “This Farm Wife – Meredith Bernard,” has been a welcoming online haven since its establishment on June 30, 2017. With a genuine and heartwarming approach to sharing her farming life, she has amassed an incredible total of over 55 million views on her channel. Among her array of engaging videos, one particular gem that has captured the hearts of viewers is the captivating “Raking and Baling Second Cut Hay,” boasting an impressive 848,000 views.

Meredith Bernard is taking a selfie with corns behind her.
Meredith Bernard in her farm’s corn field (Source: Meredith Bernard Instagram @thisfarmwife)

This video showcases the beauty and hard work involved in farming, drawing in enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Undoubtedly, Meredith’s channel has struck a chord, attracting a dedicated community of over 124,000 subscribers who eagerly await each new video she shares. Her journey on YouTube began with a charming touch of authenticity, as her first-ever video, uploaded on the same day the channel was born, featured her whipping up a batch of delicious biscuits in a video titled “Let’s Make Biscuits! | This Farm Wife Cooks.” Through her channel, she continues to cultivate a sense of togetherness while inviting her audience to experience the joys of her remarkable farming life.

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What Does Bernard Do On Her Farm?

On her beautiful family farm nestled in the heart of North Carolina, Meredith Bernard takes on a vital role alongside her husband, Lawrence. While her husband leads the charge in the day-to-day operations, she is right there by his side, offering her unwavering support and assistance in any way she can. From tending to the cows with care to skillfully raking the hay, she fully immerses herself in the farm’s rhythm, embracing the satisfying hard work that farm life demands.

However, Bernard’s dedication isn’t confined solely to the fields. When she’s not bustling around the farm, she spends time nurturing her engaging YouTube channel, sharing the wonders of their agricultural journey. With her two sons close at hand, she also revels in the joys of motherhood, ensuring that their family bond remains strong. Between the captivating world of YouTube, the nurturing of her children, and the various tasks that come with farm life, she paints a picture of life beautifully balanced and rich with purpose.

Also Involved In Writing, Photography, And Cooking

In addition to her deep involvement in farming and her captivating YouTube channel, Meredith Bernard wears many creative hats. She has a keen passion for the culinary arts, delighting in the art of cooking and generously sharing her cherished recipes with a global audience. Beyond her culinary endeavors, she also excels as a versatile freelance writer, crafting engaging blogs that find a home on her website. Not stopping there, she has a flair for capturing the world through her lens, running her own photography business.

Interestingly, when Bernard leaped into her corporate role, she initially ventured into the world of photography, an endeavor that gradually expanded to encompass her love for writing. Her journey then led her to the intriguing realm of video content, despite her initial reservations. Playfully recounting how she wasn’t an instant fan of video, her perspective shifted after attending a FarmHer conference in Iowa. This pivotal experience encouraged her to reconsider and embrace the potential of video content, ultimately leading her to bravely explore this new avenue and see where it could take her. Safe to say it was the right decision.


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