The life of Melissa Lee Gatlin (now Melissa deBin-Parish) who was once married to the renowned movie actor, writer, and producer, Billy Bob Thornton is also entangled with the glaring spotlight that comes with Hollywood. Billy—who is always remembered as an actor, author, and film director—has reached his high peak with his Oscar awarded in 1997 for his best performance in “Sling Blade.”

Born in 1953, Gatlin chooses to live a simple life away from the sparkle of showbiz. She walks through her life while maintaining modesty and peacefulness as much as possible.

The Marriage To Billy Bob Thornton

The couple started their love relationship at a big party in 1977 and got married on the 30th of June, 1978. Nonetheless, they experienced their fair share of problems in their marriage life. This union, covering years between 1978 and 1980, was fraught with challenges that culminated in a sad breakup.

Billy Bob Thornton is wearing a vest with chains and a hat.
Melissa Lee Gatlin’s ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton (Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Channel)

Specifically, however, Melissa announced that their divorce happened as a result of Billy Bob’s problem with being unfaithful in their marriage. The pain of parting comes with every separation, but despite that, she managed to move on after separation. Despite going through heartbreaks, her story is an inspiration that one can always emerge strong after closing a big chapter.

Net Worth Status

Melissa Lee Gatlin’s life profile has been very scanty in such a way that she seems to have tried to keep all of it on the low profile including her personal and financial facts away from the public eye. Information on her net worth is hard to come by even though her former husband, Billy Bob Thornton has an estimated net worth of over $45 million.

The mystery created around Missy just makes her more interesting in the glamorous LA scene. For instance, Thornton’s considerable fortune, especially made out of many successful films, stands for his acting ability and prosperity within the film sector.

The Ex-husband Has A Daughter With Her

The story of Gatlin’s life as a mother started when she gave birth to Amanda Brumfield on Saturday, July 28, 1979. Parenthood brought so much joy into their lives that left indelible footsteps on the happiness carpet. Nevertheless, a surprising interlude in these lovely lullabies that were associated with the idyllic harmony between their family members took place. Here, they announced separation when Amanda reached the age of 18 months, after being married to Billy Bob Thornton.

The picture is the mugshot of Amanda Brumfield.
Melissa Lee Gatlin’s daughter, Amanda Brumfield (Source: CBS News YouTube Channel)

Melissa’s love for her daughter becomes the strong line that keeps holding together their common history despite both the happiness and tribulations the mother faced throughout her life.

Why Did Melissa’s Daughter End Up In Jail?

Amanda Brumfield’s childhood was complicated by a scandal she got involved with, which eventually landed her in a legal battle. However, in 2008, Amanda’s best friend’s child aged one year old Olivia Madison Garcia passed on during her overnight stay in Amanda’s home.

Eventually, Amanda was convicted of aggravated manslaughter despite insisting that her daughter’s demise had been an unfortunate accident. She also noted that she had tried to escape from her playpen which resulted in the accident. Although she did not get convicted on the charges of first-degree murder, she was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment in Orange County.

The cloud of being guilty still hung in the eyes of the law when Amanda spent more than eight years behind bars and had an eight-year reduction in her sentence when she was released, as reported in Spectrum News 13. Her case is a complex narrative story about how vulnerable life is, how difficult it is to bring justice, and how these things can change lives.

Gaitlin’s Views On Thorton And Jolie’s Marriage

Melissa Lee Gatlin did not hold back on her opinion about Angelina Jolie’s marriage and subsequent divorce from Billy Bob Thornton. She provided her thoughts about why the Hollywood Power couple split when they did. She stated that the main cause of their parting ways was his refusal to play his role as a father.

Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie are talking to the interviewer as they are cuddling.
Billy Bob Thornton and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie (Source: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel)

In his interview with Star Magazine, Gatlin said that while they were cohabiting, Thornton did not like to be around kids and thus had a clear dislike towards young ones. She made a note of the timeline of all the events that had happened by then stressing how Jolie came to adopt Maddox at the same time when he left to go home. Probing deep into the intricacies of his personage she pointed out at least one instance of adultery in all his previous matrimonies. With a hint of disbelief, she wondered why one could even choose to cheat someone like Angelina given how such a choice seemed like the most irrational thing to do.

Melissa did not only share her perspective on why Angelina and Billy Bob split up. It was interesting at the start for she also got into the dynamics of their relationship. She referred to it as a ‘strange couple’. In such thoughts, she asked herself what made him attracted to that gorgeous lady, and vice versa. Maybe it was a fusion of their minds or the fact that they were similarly intelligent, the mysterious substance that kept things together, so to speak.

Thornton And Melissa Are Not In Good Terms

An interview between Melissa Lee and Barbara Walters shows that Melissa Lee’s relationship with Billy Bob is no longer what it was before that time. She talked about this new relationship and somehow felt strange that the man who used to be so incredible had now left her. She openly told Walter that they do not keep in touch anymore and she even regretted that the person she knew was no more than a stranger.

There is also a touch of sorrow associated with the feeling that one no longer “knows” Melissa, pointing out the difficulties inherent in relationships throughout life. The last part is her revealing which makes the story more touching implying all those high-profile relationships can have an “ebb and flow” part.

Thornton’s Journey Through Marriages After Melissa

The love life of Billy Bob Thornton following his divorce from Melissa Lee Gatlin is analogous to a thrilling book that has been divided into different weddings. After his split with Melissa, he went on some engagements which added a picture to his mosaic storybook of romantic relations. His final and present wife is Connie Angland (married on Oct. 22, 2014).

There was the very famous wedding to Angelina Jolie that took place between May 5, 2000, and May 27, 2003. However, Thornton’s matrimonial story begins much earlier having Pietra Thornton as his wife from February 18, 1993 – April 1997 followed by Cynda Williams from the year 1990 to 199 Every relationship involving its chronology and tale adds one more piece to the picture of the private life of the actor.

Current Relationship Status

Speculation about Melissa Lee Gatlin’s current relationship status has spread like wildfire among those who are keenly observant. Rumors go into the atmosphere that she could probably have married one more time; however, any relevant information about this alleged man is unknown.

The intrigue becomes even deeper due to Melissa’s decision to use the surname Melissa deBin-Parish, as mentioned in an article in Daily Mail, which has generated lots of speculation. This implies that she wanted privacy and she did all that was possible to hide her private life from people’s opinion.


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