Melanie Hinton, once married to Joe Scarborough, shares a unique connection with the former politician turned TV host. Joe, known for his dynamic career in both politics and television, is the co-host of the popular show “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. Their journey together may have taken different paths, but the threads of their past still weave an interesting tale.

Hinton has chosen to keep a low profile, leaving many curious minds wondering about the details of her life. Despite being associated with a well-known figure like Scarborough, her story remains a bit of a mystery. The allure of her privacy adds an intriguing layer to her persona. While the public may not know much about her, this intentional choice to maintain a low profile only deepens the curiosity surrounding her.

Used To Be Joe Scarborough’s Wife

Melanie Hinton, who once held the title of Joe Scarborough’s wife, embarked on a journey that began in 1986 and unfolded over thirteen years until 1999. Their love story traces back to their college days when the seeds of their relationship were planted and blossomed into marriage.

Joe Scarborough is standing on the boat wearing shade and hands on his black jacket pocket.
Melanie Hinton’s ex-husband Joe Scarborough (Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram @joescarborough)

However, as time passed, the threads of their union unraveled, leading to their divorce. Despite the challenges, Melanie and Joe managed to find common ground, opting for joint custody of their children. In the aftermath of the separation, she seems to have chosen a path of privacy, and her current relationship status remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Net Worth Status Of Melanie Hinton

Melanie Hinton, with an estimated net worth of $1 million, adds an intriguing layer to her story as she navigates the professional landscape. Currently employed in the communications and marketing department of the American Bus Association, she brings her skills to a field that revolves around connecting people and ideas.

The details of Hinton’s salary remain undisclosed, adding an element of mystery to her professional life. In the absence of specific salary details, the focus shifts to the value she brings to her role and the contributions that form the foundation of her financial journey.

Mother Of Two Sons

Hinton, a mother of two sons, paints a picture of family life that intertwines with both the public eye and private whispers. Her first son, Joey Scarborough, born in 1988, has carved his path in the media landscape as the NBC News Social Media Editor. His journey includes previous stints at The New York Daily News, showcasing a dedication to journalism.

Joey Scarborough and Sir Alex Ferguson are both wearing black suit in the picture.
Joey Scarborough with Sir Alex Ferguson (Source: Joey Scarborough Instagram @stjoestrummer)

On the other hand, the second son, Andrew Scarborough, has chosen a more private existence, maintaining a low profile. Several years back, unfounded rumors circulated about these two sons, weaving tales of health struggles and allegations of juvenile delinquency. In the face of these speculations, Melanie’s ex-husband, Joe Scarborough, stepped forward to set the record straight, clarifying that these rumors were far from the truth.

Son Andrew Scarborough’s Health Journey

Andrew faced a harrowing incident in 2016. A terrible accident unfolded when he fell down a flight of stairs, resulting in a head injury and a fractured skull. This unfortunate event added another layer to his health journey, compounding the challenges he already faced. As per a New York Post article, he had previously been diagnosed with diabetes and Asperger syndrome, conditions that require careful navigation in everyday life.

Andrew Scarborough is wearing glasses and a grey hoodie in the picture.
Melanie Hinton’s son, Andrew Scarborough (Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram @joescarborough)

The fractured skull incident further underscored the resilience Andrew exhibited in the face of adversity. He did recover from the accident injuries. As he continues to navigate the complexities of health, his journey serves as a testament to his strength and the ability to overcome obstacles with determination and courage.

Tracing the Educational Pathways of Hinton

Melanie’s educational journey is a diverse tapestry that weaves together different strands of knowledge. She began her academic voyage at Duquesne University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Journalism and International Relations from 1994 to 1998. This period marked the foundation of her understanding of the world, combining the art of storytelling with a global perspective.

Later in her professional life, Hinton continued to expand her expertise by enrolling at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. Here, she achieved the status of a Certified Travel Industry Specialist in 2019, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. Her educational background reflects a blend of communication skills and a broader understanding of international relations, complemented by a specialized certification in the dynamic field of travel.

Currently Works In The American Bus Association

Hinton currently holds a significant role as the Vice President of Communications & Marketing at the American Bus Association (ABA). It is a position she assumed in June 2016. In this pivotal role, she has orchestrated notable achievements that have left a lasting impact on the organization.

People are working in the blue lit room.
One of the American Bus Association’s corporate events (Source: Rock The House YouTube Channel)

Melanie’s keen insight has led to the identification of key opportunities for promoting the ABA Foundation, with a particular focus on highlighting the economic and social contributions of the motorcoach, travel, and tourism industries. Her strategic approach has resulted in the growth of ABA’s membership and increased engagement with communities. She has also been instrumental in crafting effective marketing and communications strategies, ensuring that the message reaches members, external stakeholders, and the wider public.

Past Works Of Scarborough’s Ex-Wife

Melanie Hinton’s professional journey unfolds as a rich tapestry, showcasing a diverse range of roles that have contributed to her well-rounded expertise. From January 2015 to June 2016, she served as the Managing Director of Airline Industry Public Relations and Communications at Airlines for America in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Here, she navigated the dynamic landscape of airline communications, bringing her skills to the forefront for a year and a half.

Before this, Hinton honed her communication prowess as the Senior Communications Manager at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International from March 2011 to December 2014, where she played a pivotal role for three years and ten months. Her journey also took her to the British Embassy, where she spearheaded campaigns and events from March 2005 to March 2011. This period marked a unique intersection of diplomacy and communication.

Before that, Melanie served as the Communications Manager at the National Association of Home Builders from 2003 to 2005, contributing her talents to the housing industry. Her earlier roles include being the Public Relations Coordinator at the American Nursery & Landscape Association from 2001 to 2003, and a Staff Writer at Associated Builders and Contractors from 1999 to 2001. Each chapter of her past works unveils a story of adaptability and growth.

A Mini Bio On Joe Scarborough

Susan Waren’s ex-spouse, Joe Scarborough’s journey in public service is marked by both historical significance and lasting impact. Serving as a United States Congressman from 1994 to 2001, he broke a longstanding political trend in his Florida district by becoming the first Republican elected since 1873, as per his official website.

Scarborough’s re-election three times in landslide victories speaks volumes about his resonance with the community and his ability to effectively represent their interests. His tenure on key committees, including Judiciary, Armed Services, Education, Oversight, and National Security, attests to his diverse range of expertise and commitment to addressing vital issues.

Beyond his political career, Mika Brzezinski’s husband, Scarborough has become a familiar face in the media landscape as the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” since 2007, where he continues to contribute his insights to the national conversation. The multifaceted nature of Hinton’s ex-husband’s career reflects a dedication to public service and a seamless transition into the realm of media, shaping a narrative that extends far beyond his years in Congress.

Exploring Hinton’s Charitable Endeavors

Delving into Melanie Hinton’s charitable endeavors, her commitment to making a positive impact is evident. She is the Vice President of Communications at the National Charity League, a position she has taken since June 2021. In this position, she lends her expertise to furthering the organization’s mission, highlighting the significance of effective communication in the realm of charity.

By assuming the role of VP of Communications, Hiton plays a crucial part in fostering connections, spreading awareness, and ensuring that the charitable efforts of the National Charity League are effectively communicated to the public.


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