Updated: 04/21/2017 07:22 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Twice-married & mom of 3 kids, Megyn Kelly's ageless beauty hints plastic surgery

Megyn Kelly and husband Douglas Brunt clasping hands together

The prominent journalist, Megyn Kelly is a twice-married woman and is a mother of three kids. Despite failing to prolong her first marriage, the second one seems to be a lifetime commitment.

In 2008, the Fox News anchor tied the knot with a novelist Douglas Brunt, who was then President and CEO of Authentium. Till date, they have maintained a cordial relation and are living a fairytale like life along with their three children: Yardley Evans Brunt, Edward Yates Brunt, and Thatcher Bray Brunt. 

Regardless of her past relationships, we can safely assume that she has found her Mr. Right in her now husband. Take a glance of their lovable family picture.

Megyn Kelly's day out with husband and three children

Megyn Kelly’s first divorce was amicable at first but what?

The veteran news anchor was previously married to Dr. Daniel Kendall. They dated for almost four years before tying a knot in September 2001. Things were going smooth but personality clashes came in between.

Megyn and Daniel both being workaholics, stopped them from spending quality times with each other, ultimately leaving no further option than calling it off. Divorced in 2006, the couple claimed that they would remain friends. 

Former couple Megyn Kelly and Daniel Kendall

But all that was brushed aside in 2011 interview with USA weekend, when Kelly said, “I have been in that position, not with my current marriage, where I have been betrayed. In the beginning, the instinct is very powerful to hold on.”

In response to the comments Kendall said, “When she made that comment about not being in her current marriage, it irritated me a bit because it seemed like she was suggesting it was me. I texted her at that time and she apologized, I think I was a good husband.”

Two years after her first marriage ended in disappointments, happiness certainly began making attendance in her life.

Age is just a number! Has a nearly perfect body measurements

Megyn was always ranked top throughout her years at Fox News. Along with bold personality and ability to pass jaw-dropping comments on any subjects, her splendor has also seized the attention of many. Her beautiful eyes, short blonde hair, elegant dressing sense combines with the level of her confidence to make her one of the bests in the industry.

Perhaps black is Megyn Kelly's favorite color in making dress choice

She stands tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 56 kg. Her well-proportionate body figure with measurement of 35-25-35 is perfectly an hourglass shape.

Age doesn’t seem to have mattered a lot for this gorgeous woman, as even reaching mid-40s, she continues to flaunt off her exquisite figure in body-defining outfits. However, allegations about breast implants have led people to think if she has gone under surgeon’s knife to lift her boobs.

Megyn’s plastic surgery accusations! Is it true?

There’s no doubt, that Kelly is one of the gorgeous divas in the American media industry, but how she has managed to maintain such youthfulness even at this age has been a subject of fans curiosity. Well, her ageless beauty gives a hint of plastic surgery.

If the reports are to be believed, she has undergone one to transform her nose. Rumors have swirled in the web, evidencing the changes from comparing her high school picture with the current one. Some changes in the nasal bridge and sharpness can be noticed. Perhaps, the changes were brought by the growing age. But with no any official statements from her and referencing just her young age pics, rumors can’t be believed.

Apart from a nose job, she is also predicted to have gotten face fillers and Botox injected. Already reached age bar of the mid forties, but looks nothing like that. Maybe, anti-ageing treatments have luckily benefited her. Nevertheless, she has never reacted to any claim of having undergone artificial enhancements.

Megyn Kelly's hot pose for GQ Magazine

She dropped jaws of many when she posed in a sexy outfit for the December 2010 edition of GQ magazine.  No matter, what is the secret behind her perfection; she doesn’t look artificial at all. Way to go Megyn Kelly!