In a bustling world where music and stardom collide, there shines a little star named Megaa Omari Grandberry. His parents are no strangers to the spotlight; his dad, Omarion, was a singer and rapper in the famous B2K band, while his mom, Apryl Jones, graced the screens in “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

On the sunny day of August 7, 2014, a little Leo named Megaa was born into the world. Under the starry sky and with the warmth of summer surrounding him, his journey began. He is said to be brave and confident, just like a lion, the symbol of his zodiac sign. With each passing year, his spirit shines brighter, illuminating the world around him with his infectious energy.

Megaa’s Parents have Gone Their Separate Ways

In the tale of Megaa Omari Grandberry’s family, the chapters take unexpected turns. His parents, Omarion and Apryl Jones, once shared a beautiful story that started in 2011. However, like the plot twists in a gripping novel, their relationship came to an abrupt end in 2016. Despite this, they showed the world the power of understanding and kindness. Even after parting ways, they remained friends, focusing on the most important thing: their children.

Omarion and Apryl Jones are holding hands and walking.
Megaa Omari Grandberry’s parents Omarion and Apryl Jones (Source: Nicki Swift YouTube Channel)

Megaa and his little sister, A’mei, are blessed to have parents who, despite not being together romantically, choose to be a part of each other’s lives. Recently, they embarked on a magical adventure to Disneyland together, creating cherished memories as a family, and proving that love can transform and grow, even in unexpected ways.

Net Worth Of Megaa Parents

In the world of grown-ups and numbers, Megaa Omari Grandberry’s parents have made their mark. His dad, Omarion, has amassed a wealth of $6 million through his musical talents, weaving melodies that resonate with hearts far and wide. On the other side, his mom, Apryl Jones, carved her path to success through the glitz of Hollywood, earning $1 million.

Jones’ journey was painted with the hues of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” a show that brought her into the limelight. But her talents don’t stop there; she also graces the world of modeling and promotions, adding more colors to her canvas of achievements. While Megaa is still a little star, his parent’s hard work and passion have created a constellation of opportunities, ensuring a bright future twinkles ahead for their family.

Has A Younger Sister

In the heartwarming tale of Megaa’s family, there’s a delightful addition: his younger sister, A’mei Kazuko Grandberry, who entered their lives on March 7, 2016. A’mei, a little bundle of joy, brought laughter and giggles to their home. What makes their story even sweeter is that both of his parents, Omarion and Apryl Jones, often share glimpses of her adorable moments on their Instagram accounts.

Megaa Omari Grandberry, A'mei Kazuko Grandberry and Apryl Jones are sitting on a couch posing for a picture.
Megaa Omari Grandberry with her sister A’mei Kazuko Grandberry (Source: Apryl Jones Instagram @aprylsjones

These posts are like tiny, precious snapshots capturing the love and happiness that fill their days. Through these shared moments, Megaa and A’mei’s parents not only celebrate the beauty of their daughter but also spread smiles to their followers, making everyone a part of their heartwarming family journey.

A Candid Conversation About Taye Diggs That Went Too Far

While swirling rumors about his parents’ relationship, young Megaa Omari Grandberry found himself inadvertently caught up in a conversation that spiraled out of control. During an Instagram Live session with his mother Apryl, things took an unexpected turn when they discussed her boyfriend Taye Diggs, as mentioned in an article from Essence.

Innocently, Megaa shared what he knew, mentioning that Diggs had tried edibles. Apryl, clearly taken aback, corrected her son, urging him not to share such details online. The conversation, though meant to be light-hearted, raised concerns among viewers who felt it was inappropriate for a child to be involved in discussions about adult matters. She faced criticism for her parenting choices, highlighting the challenges of balancing personal life in the public eye while ensuring a child’s innocence and well-being.

Not The Only Time Jones’ Parenting Was Criticized

Apryl also faced scrutiny in the past regarding her parenting. In June 2020, she shared a video on her Instagram that stirred controversy. The video featured her dancing to the rhythm of an Afrobeats song, with two kids playing around in the background near a dancing pole. Although the children were not specifically identified, it appeared that at least one of them might have been her child with Omarion.

The video sparked a heated debate among fans on social media. Some expressed concern and found the scene disturbing, highlighting the ongoing debate about what is appropriate content involving children on social platforms. This incident served as a reminder of the challenges that come with being in the public eye, especially when it involves parenting decisions, prompting discussions about boundaries and responsibility in the digital age.

Loves Soccer And Ronaldo

Megaa Omari Grandberry’s love for soccer and his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, knows no bounds. With a heart full of enthusiasm for the game, he recently celebrated his 9th birthday in true soccer style. The party was a Cristiano Ronaldo extravaganza, filled with excitement and cheers.

Megaa Omari Grandberry is wearing a Man utd jersey with Ronaldo pic in the background.
Megaa Omari Grandberry celebrating his 9th birthday (Source: Apryl Jones Instagram @aprylsjones)

The cake, shaped like a soccer ball, was a masterpiece, capturing the essence of the sport that Megaa adores. To add to the fun, he sported a Manchester United jersey, proudly displaying his favorite team’s colors. The party echoed with laughter, cheers, and the spirit of the game, making it a celebration to remember. His passion for soccer and his admiration for Ronaldo painted his birthday with the vibrant hues of his love for the sport and his favorite football superstar.

Some Info On Megaa’s Famous Parents

Apryl Jones

Apryl Jones, the actress widely recognized for her role in “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” has been making waves in the entertainment world since 2019. Her journey into the realm of acting began with the TV mini-series, “You Hittin Dat,” marking her promising debut. Since then, she has continued to shine on the screen, showcasing her acting prowess in various projects.

Some of Apryl’s popular works include “The Comeback,” a tale of resilience and triumph, and the intriguing series “You Married Dat,” delving into the complexities of relationships. She also ventured into the world of mystery and suspense with “Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy,” captivating audiences with her compelling performances.


Omarion is like a musical wizard, enchanting the world with his soulful voice, poetic songwriting, and mesmerizing dance moves. He became a star as the frontman of the beloved boy band B2K, stealing hearts with his captivating performances. His songs, like the heartfelt “Ice Box” and the groovy “Post To Be,” have become anthems for music lovers.

With an impressive discography that includes five studio albums, two compilation albums, and four EPs, Omarion has gifted his fans with a treasure trove of musical gems. Not just a voice, he’s also a visual storyteller, creating 27 captivating music videos that bring his songs to life. Megaa’s father’s artistic journey is a colorful canvas of creativity, painting the world with the hues of his talent and passion.

When Megaa’s Mother Got Involved With Lil Fuzz

In the twists and turns of Megaa’s family story, when his parents, Apryl Jones and Omarion, went their separate ways in 2016, what followed was even more unexpected. She found love again, this time with Lil Fizz, a member of the same B2K band that his father had been a part of. Lil Fizz was not just a bandmate; he was also a co-star on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” adding another layer of complexity to their relationships.

Lil Fizz publicly apologized to Omarion, during a stage moment at the Millennium Tour in 2021 for dating Megaa’s mother. This unexpected gesture of reconciliation echoed with sincerity, and to everyone’s surprise, his father accepted the apology graciously, as reported in an article from Yahoo! News. Despite the complexities of their past, he showed remarkable maturity by acknowledging the sincerity of Fizz’s words.


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