Meet children of Rebbie Jackson, daughters Stacee Brown & Yashi Brown and son Austin Brown. How much net worth has she accumulated?

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Rebbie Jackson, the eldest of the Jacksons siblings holds the net worth of $2.5 million. Mother of two daughters and a son, Rebbie has accumulated all through her musical career.

Born in Gary, Indiana, in a working-class family, she was brought up in the entertainment background. Unlike other siblings and against her father’s interest for her to be a singer, Rebbie really wanted to be far from the unstable field.

However, following the footsteps of her brothers, she pursued a career in the music industry and started performing with her brothers during the 1970s. It was 1984 when she came with her debut solo album. Her moderately successful album Centipede featured a song written by her brother, pop king Michael Jackson. Performing and recording throughout the 80s, she released 2 albums R U Tuff Enuff and Reaction.

Afterward, focusing on her family rather than her musical journey, she didn’t release any album or singles until Yours Faithfully in 1998. Ever since she hasn’t come up with any music releases.

Rebbie has three children including daughters Stacee (born 1971) and Yashi (born 1977) and a son Austin (born 1985). She has been a single mother to her kids since her husband Nathaniel Brown’s death in 2013. Losing a battle against pancreatic cancer, Brown eventually departed to heaven.

All of her children have tried their hands in music. Her son Austin has developed his own individuality into the music industry with his exclusive singing and song-writing talents. Her eldest daughter Stacee is also a singer. She is married to Rex Salas and has a son with him.

Without having any major musical releases, the oldest of The Jacksons’ has a net worth of 2.5 million dollars into her accounts. Having preferred peaceful family life than a celebrity life since a young age, Rebbie Jackson has always prioritized her children and family more than her career.

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