Mayme Hatcher Johnson, the late writer, became widely known for more than simply being the spouse of the notorious American gangster, the late Bumpy Johnson. Her life story is sort of a fascinating novel, wherein she shared the highs and lows of being married to Bumpy, immersing herself in the underworld.

Mayme’s journey had begun on the bustling streets of New York in 1925. She said goodbye to the world on May 1, 2009. Like a novel, her life moved into the 20th century for the better part of 1990, with a great deal of change and evolution. Her death marked the end of a chapter filled with a wealth of experience and wisdom from a life well lived.

Married Life With Bumpy Johnson

Mayme Hatcher Johnson gained a reputation as the wife of the notorious Bumpy Johnson. The union became sealed in October 1948, simply six months after they first crossed paths, adding an element of spontaneity to their story. The info about their married lifestyles, however, remained shrouded in thriller, because the couple chose not to reveal tons approximately the intricacies of their dating.

Bumpy Johnson is wearing a shirt and tie in this profile picture.
Mayme Hatcher Johnson’s husband, Bumpy Johnson (Source: Inside Edition YouTube Channel)

Like characters in a captivating novel, Mayme and Bumpy appeared to keep their love tale hidden. They left the general public to invest in the dynamics that unfolded in the back of closed doorways. The nature of their union introduced an air of intrigue to their narrative, sparking curiosity about the moments they shared and the challenges they faced together.

Lived Life Like A Queen

Mayme embraced lifestyles with the flair of a queen from the moment she entered the orbit of the notorious Bumpy Johnson. The name “Bumpy’s Girl,” decorated her, bringing with it a regal charisma that opened doorways to distinct institutions and showered her with lavish gifts and jewelry.

Mayme’s association with the notorious Bumpy bestowed upon her a sure prestige, permitting her to navigate the world with an experience of privilege. Yet, the glittering facade of this royal lifestyle was not without its demanding situations. The consistent interest and advances from different ladies, who noticed her as an impediment to their pursuit of Johnson, have become a routine topic in her story.

Initially bothered by those advances, Mayme grappled with the intrusion into her private international. Over time, she came to recognize that such attention turned into an inevitable part of the lifestyles she had chosen. Her evolution from initial discomfort to recognition introduced a nuanced layer to the narrative, revealing the strength and resilience under the glamorous life of being “Bumpy’s Girl.”

The Death Of Bumpy Johnson’s Wife

Mayme Johnson’s incredible life came to an end on May 1, 2009, in the town of Philadelphia. At the age of ninety-four, she gracefully bid farewell,  as reported in The Philadelphia Inquirer, leaving in the back of a legacy that stretched throughout decades. Respiration failure can be blamed for her death. In her final chapter, she discovered solace at Kearsley, a retirement domestic nestled inside the coronary heart of West Philadelphia.

Mayme Hatcher Johnson is speaking through the mic as someone else is holding it for her.
Mayme Hatcher Johnson during her older days (Source: African American Literature Book Club YouTube Channel)

It was here, amidst the comforting embody of a network, that Bumpy’s wife took her final breaths, surrounded by the echoes of a life richly lived. As Mayme departed from this world, Philadelphia became not just a town on the map but a backdrop to the final moments of a lady whose story had intertwined with the heartbeat of history.

Had Experienced Motherhood

Mayme Hatcher Johnson’s family narrative unfolds with the presence of daughters, Ruthie and Elease Johnson. While Ruthie held the distinction of being her blood daughter, Elease emerged from some other chapter of her life. The information of her stepdaughter’s departure, sadly, shrouds themselves in a thriller, withholding the respectable cause of her passing.

Whispers persist that Elease lost her life due to a heart attack, potentially prompted by a drug overdose. The specific date of her dying stays elusive, yet it is believed that she departed at the age of sixty-six. Mayme’s circle of relatives tale, marked by each joy and sorrow, paints a portrait of the profound and often unpredictable journey that own family bonds undertake.

Unraveling Mayme’s Net Worth at the Time of Her Passing

At the time of her passing, Mayme Hatcher Johnson’s predicted net worth stood at $100,000. It was a testament to a life that encompassed each dedication to homemaking and pursuits in the realm of writing. Her husband, Bumpy Johnson, then again, held a fortune expected to be around $100 million, similar to Kodah Dash Dyrdek’s father Rob Dyrdek, so she didn’t have to worry about finances.

Mayme Hatcher Johnson is wearing a furry jacket in the picture.
Mayme Hatcher Johnson aka Bumpy’s Girl (Source: Urban Legends Mag TV YouTube Channel)

The supply of Bumpy’s wealth, but, remained shrouded in controversy. It was the case as his riches were amassed via illicit means. Notably, he delved into the risky international drug trafficking, in particular into the sale of heroin, which contributed substantially to his vast however crime money.

Mayme Was A Writer

Mayme, past her roles as a spouse and mom, additionally made a sizeable mark as a creator. One of her brilliant literary contributions is the book titled “Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson.” Collaborating with Karen E Quinones Miller, she poured her stories, insights, and the untold stories of her existence with the mythical Harlem gangster onto the pages of this fascinating biography, according to Amazon.

This book stands as a literary milestone, being the primary and handiest complete biography on the enigmatic discern that changed into Bumpy Johnson. Through Mayme’s phrases, readers are granted an intimate glimpse into the complexities of Bumpy’s individual, his effect on Harlem, and the difficult tapestry in their shared life.

Life Before Fame

Before all the gangster fame, Mayme Hatcher Johnson was a girl of mystery. There is very little information about her lifestyle from that time. In 1938, she took a bold step, leaving her fatherland in North Carolina at the back, and setting her points of interest on the vibrant streets of New York City, the place news anchor Chris Wragge is based on, in search of the promise of a brand new beginning.

There, Mayme observed employment as a waitress in a club owned by the esteemed singer and actress, Ethel Waters, immersing herself in the active environment of the metropolis’s leisure scene. Little did she know that this regular path would change which happened when she crossed paths with Bumpy Johnson. And, the rest is history.


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