Mattias Paulin Ferrell is the kid of the famous actor and comedian, Will Ferrell. Will is famous for his role in well-loved movies like “Elf” and “Anchorman.” With the help of Dad, he’s navigating through the world of show business.

Mattias was born on December 30, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. It marks him as a Capricorn in astrology. Growing up in the home of Hollywood, he has been exposed to the vibrant atmosphere of the entertainment industry from when he was little.

Mattias Parent’s Love Story

The beautiful love story of Mattias Ferrell’s mother and father, Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin, started in an acting class in L.A. in 1995, as mentioned in an article from Parade. Soon, the actor had to leave California for his job. He started working on a famous TV show “Saturday Night Live.” But this didn’t stop him and his partner from being close together despite the physical distance.

Will Ferrell is wearing a suit and blue shirt and Viveca Paulin is wearing a purple dress.
Mattias Ferrell’s parents, Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin (Source: Pinterest)

Mattias parent’s managed to sustain their friendship. One thing that everyone needs to know is that Will was in a committed relationship with someone at the time. He broke up and later his and Viveca’s lives intertwined once again. Over time, their friendship blossomed into a deeper connection, and on August 12, 2000, they took a leap of faith and exchanged vows.

Net Worth Status

Since Mattias Paulin Ferrell is still young, he hasn’t got a personal net worth yet. But when we shift our focus to his parents, there is a noteworthy financial background. His mother, Viveca Paulin has gained an estimated total worth of $10 million. Her income is helped by her work as an auctioneer and previous acting work.

Mattias’ dad, Will Ferrell, the popular actor, writer, and producer has an impressive net worth of $160 million, similar to Gary Vee. In 2001, he reached a big achievement by becoming one of the highest-paid cast on the “Saturday Night Live.” He earned a seasoned salary of $350,000 during his time there.

Will’s success continued to soar with remarkable earnings, such as $20 million for his role in the movie “Spirited.” He also received a noteworthy $7 million for his iconic performance in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.”

Has Two Brothers

Mattias is part of a close-knit family that includes two brothers. His elder brother, Magnus Paulin Ferrell, was born on March 7, 2004, and his name carries a Swedish origin. This choice reflects a connection to their family’s roots, as his parents, Will and Viveca, share a fondness for Scandinavian names. The decision to give him a Swedish name was influenced by the fact that his mother is from the country.

Mattias Paulin Ferrell and his family are posing together at the red carpet event.
Mattias Paulin Ferrell with his family at the Barbie Premiere (Source: Just Jared Instagram @justjared)

The youngest in the family, Axel Paulin Ferrell was born on January 23, 2010. He has already made a mark in the entertainment world by working in the movie “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” with his father. The Ferrell brothers, each with their unique personalities and talents, contribute to the vibrant dynamics of their family.

Unraveling Mattias Meaning

The name Mattias comes from a special place. This name comes from ‘Matthew’ in Hebrew and is often linked with the lovely phrase “gift of God,” as mentioned in an article from People. The name feels important, showing a valued and special meaning.

Interestingly, Will has said before he doesn’t know the English translation of his middle son’s Swedish name. It makes his identity more fun, showing the cultural ties in Ferrell’s family.

Mattias Has Some Acting Experience

Mattias Paulin Ferrell has already dipped his toes into the world of acting. He has gained valuable experience alongside his father, Will Ferrell, in the film “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” In this comedy sequel, he took on the role of the Sea World Kid, showcasing his talent and perhaps inheriting a bit of the Ferrell family’s comedic flair.

What makes this event even more special is that Mattias wasn’t by himself in his first acting role. His brothers, including the older Magnus, were part of the movie. They all played the same role as him. It looks like the Ferrell family not only shares a love for entertainment but also enjoys making things together.

Exploring Will’s Kid Wants Goals in Soccer

Mattias Paulin Ferrell started his soccer adventure right in the center of Beverly Hills, California. It was in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Region 76. At 8 years old, he got a great chance to learn soccer. His parents Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin were his coaches too.

Will and Viveca became coaches for Mattias’s team, called the Chargers. This helped him understand the game better and also made special family memories on the soccer field. It’s not clear if he plays soccer now, but his parents coaching him from a young age probably started a possible long-term love of the beautiful game.


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