Matthew Cremona is a well-known YouTuber who specializes in woodworking. He creates captivating videos where he showcases his talent for building furniture and other woodworking projects. Born on August 18, 1987, his zodiac sign is Leo. He hails from the United States, which is where his passion for woodworking began to flourish.

As a dedicated craftsman, Cremona shares his knowledge and skills with his viewers, providing them with valuable tips and techniques to enhance their woodworking endeavors. Through his entertaining videos, he has gained a large following and has become a respected figure in the woodworking community.

Cremona Is A Married Man

Matthew Cremona is happily married to his wife, Lindsay Cremona. They reside in Grant, MN, along with their family. Lindsay is not only a loving wife but also a devoted mother. He likes to affectionately refer to her as a superstar mom, recognizing her dedication and care for their family. She is a professional cook and runs her little business called Cremona’s Kitchen, where she shares her culinary expertise and teaches cooking to others.

Matthew and Lindsay Cremona are smiling in this selfie.
Matthew Cremona with his wife, Lindsay Cremona (Source: Lindsay Cremona Instagram @lindsaycremona)

Lindsay humbly describes herself as a trial-by-error cook, always learning and exploring her way around the kitchen. She is also active on social media platforms, where she connects with her followers and shares her passion for cooking with a wider audience. Her engaging presence online allows her to inspire and encourage others to embrace their culinary adventures.

Net Worth of The Woodworker

Matthew Cremona has achieved a commendable net worth of an estimated $1 million, similar to Daddy Dave. His primary source of income comes from his expertise in woodworking. Through his successful YouTube channel, he has gained a significant following and has monetized his content, generating revenue from advertisements and sponsorships.

Additionally, Cremona runs woodworking classes, sharing his knowledge and skills with aspiring craftsmen. These classes serve as an additional source of revenue, further solidifying his financial success. He makes furniture but does not sell his furniture to make money, so his main revenue source is YouTube.

Father Of Three

Cremona is a proud father of three children: two sons and a daughter. Their names are JR Cremona, Max Cremona, and Eloise Cremona with their only daughter Eloise being the youngest in the family. Although he hasn’t shared many details about his children, his wife Lindsay often posts about them on Instagram, offering glimpses into their lives.

JR, Max, and Eloise Cremona are posing in their bikes.
Matthew Cremona’s kids, JR, Max, and Eloise Cremona (Source: Lindsay Cremona Instagram @lindsaycremona)

Lindsay has also lovingly revealed that Max is not only a Lego Master but also a Cub Scout as mentioned in Cremona’s Kitchen website. He is known for being incredibly task-oriented and always ready to lend a helping hand. His strong work ethic is evident in his dedication to his tasks and responsibilities. As a father, Cremona takes great pride in his children’s achievements and supports them in their endeavors.

Education Background Of The YouTuber

Cremona, the YouTuber, has a solid educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business from The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as mentioned on his official website. During his time at university, he majored in Finance, focusing on understanding financial concepts and strategies. Additionally, he pursued a minor in Information Systems, which provided him with a strong foundation in technology and its applications in the business world.

This diverse educational background equipped Cremona with a combination of financial expertise and technological knowledge, enabling him to navigate the digital landscape effectively. His education has likely played a significant role in shaping his entrepreneurial pursuits and success as a content creator in the woodworking industry.

Currently Works As A Woodworker

Currently, Cremona continues to work as a woodworker, creating exquisite pieces of furniture using his unique combination of hand and power tools. His creative process begins with cutting down trees and personally harvesting the materials needed to craft the furniture. Some of the wood he uses is sourced from dead-standing timber found in the forest.

Matthew Cremona is spray painting the baseboard with white color.
Matthew Cremona working on the baseboard (Source: Matthew Cremona Instagram @mattcremona)

Throughout his woodworking career, Cremona has dabbled in creating furniture inspired by various periods, showcasing his versatility and expertise. It’s worth noting that while woodworking is his passion, he does not rely on it as his primary source of income nor does he sell the furniture he creates. Instead, he focuses on sharing his knowledge and skills through educational videos about woodworking. By creating engaging content, he offers valuable insights and guidance to aspiring woodworkers, contributing to the growth and learning of the woodworking community.

In addition to his woodworking endeavors, Cremona actively participates in several woodworking groups, further immersing himself in the woodworking community. He is a proud member of esteemed organizations such as the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild, and the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association. Being part of these groups allows him to connect with fellow woodworkers who share his passion for the craft.

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How Did Cremona Start On YouTube?

Matthew Cremona’s journey on YouTube began during a challenging time in his life. After losing his job and facing several months of job hunting, he had a realization: he could turn his passion for woodworking into a career. Since early 2015, he has been a full-time content creator, sharing his woodworking projects on YouTube. His videos document the entire process, starting from the moment he cuts down a tree to the final stages of crafting exquisite furniture.

Cremona’s main goal is to make educational videos that inspire others to develop their woodworking skills and explore new techniques. With his engaging content, he has gained a substantial following and currently boasts over 400k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Through his dedication and passion for sharing his craft, he has built a community of woodworking enthusiasts who eagerly follow his journey and seek inspiration from his videos.

Cremona Got His Life Values From His Father

Matthew Cremona’s early life was not rooted in a family of woodworkers, but rather in a household that valued self-sufficiency and a do-it-yourself mentality. Even as a child, his father instilled in him the importance of being self-reliant. he recalls never witnessing a repairman in their home. Whether it involved chopping firewood, constructing a shed, or repairing cars, his father always took on the challenge himself and typically achieved success.

Through his father’s example, Cremona learned the valuable lesson that one can acquire new skills and knowledge outside their area of expertise without formal training. This upbringing shaped his outlook on learning and instilled in him the belief that with determination and a hands-on approach, one can acquire the necessary skills to tackle various tasks and projects independently.

Life Before Working As A Content Creator

Before embarking on his career as a content creator, Cremona had a professional background in the technology industry. He worked at a start-up company where he played a crucial role in creating medical records software. Specifically, he was responsible for managing the product development process, acting as a bridge between the users and the developers.

Cremona’s main objective was to design a product that met the users’ needs and garnered their appreciation. However, despite his efforts, the company faced challenges and didn’t experience the desired growth. Unfortunately, as a result, he was laid off in December 2014. This turn of events proved to be a turning point in his life, leading him to reevaluate his career path and eventually pursue his true passion as a content creator in the woodworking industry.


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