Matt and Abby are a lovely couple who run a YouTube channel together. Matt, short for Matthew James Howard, was born on June 18, 1998, while Abby, whose full name is Abby Elizabeth Howard, came into the world on December 1, 1998. They make videos on their channel where they share their adventures, stories, and fun moments with their viewers.

YouTube and TikTok couple share their daily lives with over 5.5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and 5.3 Million followers on TikTok. Their journey on YouTube has had its ups and downs, with one major setback when they were canceled facing a backlash related to Hawaii. There’s a lot more to this story, which you can read about in the article below.

The Love Life Of The YouTube Couple

Abby and Matt Howard decided to take a big step in their love story by getting married on July 7, 2019. The two exchanged their wedding vows during their sophomore year at Missouri State University. It was a momentous decision that brought them even closer together. The YouTube couple had first started dating in 2016.

Matt and Abby Howard are in their wedding clothes posing at the bridge holding hands.
Matt and Abby Howard at their wedding(Source: Matt Howard Instagram @_matt_howard_)

Abby’s journey to meet Matt is a story of fate and summer adventures. In the eighth grade, she embarked on a trip to St. Louis for a summer theater program, and that’s where their paths first crossed. It must have been a magical encounter in the world of stage lights and drama. As time went on, their connection grew stronger, and they decided to give their love a chance even though they attended different high schools.

How Much Money Does The Couple Make From YouTube?

Matt and Abby Howard have built quite a remarkable presence on YouTube, and their hard work has paid off. Their estimated net worth, which stands at around $5 million, is a testament to their success in the world of online content creation. Their primary source of income comes from their YouTube channel.

Apart from YouTube, Matt and Abby have expanded their online presence across various platforms. You can also find them on TikTok, where they create short and entertaining videos. Moreover, they’ve ventured into the world of podcasting with “The Unplanned Podcast.” They are also on Cameo making money through personalized messages. This diversification of their content has been a smart move, as it has acted as another revenue stream for them.

Matt and Abby’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop at creating content. They’ve also ventured into the world of merchandising. You can find a variety of items like hoodies and T-shirts featuring their unique branding. But that’s not all; the couple has also been able to secure brand sponsorship deals with some big names like CeraVe, Amazon, A3 Artists Agency, and Garnier all of which have contributed to their net worth.

Parents To Two Kids

Matt and Abby’s love story has grown even more beautiful with the addition of their two sons, Griffin Douglas Howard and August Jacob Howard. Becoming parents is a profound and life-changing experience, and it’s clear that these two cherish their roles as mom and dad.

Matt Howard is raising Griffin Douglas and Abby Howard is carrying August Jacob.
Matt and Abby Howard’s kids, Griffin Douglas and August Jacob Howard (Source: Abby Howard Instagram @abbyelizabethoward)

Griffin, (lovingly called G) their eldest son, came into the world on a memorable day, July 3, 2022, filling Matt and Abby’s hearts with boundless love and happiness. Not too long after, on August 10, 2023, they welcomed their second son, August whom they affectionately call Auggie.

What’s truly heartwarming is that Matt and Abby have taken their viewers on a beautiful journey by documenting the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and the daily adventures of both their kids on their YouTube channel. It’s like sharing a slice of their life with the world. From ultrasound images and baby showers to those adorable first steps and sweet family moments, their channel has become a treasure trove of memories.

About Matt And Abby’s YouTube Channel

Matt and Abby’s YouTube channel, known simply as “Matt & Abby,” has been a remarkable journey ever since its inception on July 29, 2019. Over the years, their channel has grown and flourished, reaching incredible milestones. With more than 5 billion total channel views and over 5.5 million loyal subscribers, their content has touched the lives of countless viewers around the world.

When you take a closer look at Matt and Abby’s YouTube channel, you’ll find a fascinating journey. Their subscriber base has grown steadily over the years, starting from that very first video, “WE ATE A SNAKE | Taste of Chicago,” which they posted on July 29, 2019. Among their content, their most popular video, “OUR BIRTH STORY (first child),” has resonated deeply with their audience, accumulating over 5.2 million views.

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Making Content Creation Their Full-Time Job

Matt and Abby’s journey into full-time content creation is quite an adventure. It all began with their wedding It was a momentous occasion that inspired them to invest in a fancy camera for their wedding video. Little did they know that this camera would become a catalyst for something much bigger. After the wedding, they didn’t know what to do with the camera. Matt had a lightbulb moment and decided to vlog their honeymoon.

Matt’s dedication to their YouTube channel was unwavering. He committed to keep going until the channel became monetized. For nine months, they posted content every single week but, despite their hard work, they had around 300 subscribers at that point. But then, life threw them a curveball – the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

Matt and Abby Howard are wearing a cardinals jersey and posing with football.
Matt and Abby Howard at the Cardinals game (Source: Matt Howard Instagram @_matt_howard_)

The YouTube couple’s Matt and Abby’s journey took an unexpected turn when both of them lost their jobs. But, this also opened doors to new opportunities. They stumbled upon TikTok and decided to try their hand at creating content on this platform. To their amazement, their videos started going viral, racking up views by the tens of thousands. So, they decided to shift their focus to TikTok for a while.

Matt and Abby were on a roll, and their dedication paid off when they hit the impressive milestone of a million followers. Their TikTok success not only brought them newfound recognition but also became a pivotal moment in their YouTube career. They found a way to merge their TikTok fame with their YouTube channel, giving them a unique edge in the world of online content creation.

The Popular Couple Has Been In Few Controversies

Like many content creators in the online world, Matt and Abby haven’t been immune to controversies. Over their time on various platforms, they’ve found themselves in a few sticky situations.

Leaving Hawaii

The YouTube couple, Matt and Abby’s time in Hawaii was marked by a bit of controversy and challenges. It all started with their merch that read “aloha dudes,” which didn’t sit well with everyone. Some people felt that they were trying to profit from the Hawaiian language, which is a sensitive and cherished part of Hawaiian culture.

The accusations of cultural insensitivity and monetization of the language led to a backlash. Matt and Abby left Hawaii after a year. Their experience is a reminder of the importance of cultural respect and understanding, especially when living in a place with its unique traditions and heritage.

Baby Name Controversy

Matt and Abby’s candid discussion on their podcast about baby names certainly sparked some lively conversations. They didn’t hold back when they said that baby names had become “out of control” and “ridiculous” in 2023. Their take was that naming your child something unique might not be as cool as it seems.

However, not everyone agreed with Howard’s viewpoint. Influencer Liana Jade, for instance, defended her choice of naming her son Koazy and made a video sharing her perspective, as mentioned in an article from Cafe Mom. It’s fascinating how discussions about baby names can stir up such a range of emotions and opinions.


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