Mary Jolivet gained popularity for being the mother of actor and comedian Finn Wolfhard. Moreover, Jolivet is gathering the media’s view extra among other celebrity mothers. Mary’s son is known for playing Mike Wheeler’s role in the Stranger Things series. He has received many achievements and awards. Moreover, in recent years, he won SAG Award.

Jolivet’s son is now working as a member of The Aubreys. In addition to that, he is the lead singer in The Aubreys. Furthermore, the celebrity mother is a freelance merchandiser and brand designer by her profession. She also worked as an assistant director for her husband, Eric Wolfhard.

Bio of Mary Jolivet

Mary Jolivet was born in Vancouver, Canada. Jolivet didn’t share her date of birth, but looking at her appearance, she must be running in her early 50s. The Canadian girl is the only daughter of Lawrence Charles Jolivet and Trish Jolivet.

An old picture of Mary Jolivet with her family members.
A family picture of Mary Jolivet. Source: Pinterest

Jolivet grew up in Vancouver and studied at Langara College. Moreover, she graduated from designing course at Institut Catholique de Paris. Mary is the sister of actor Timothy Jolivet who is best known for appearing in a drama named The Lotus Eaters.

Jolivet has two kids, Finn Wolfhard and her firstborn, Nick Wolfhard. Moreover, Nick is also a reason for Mary to know as famous. Mary’s firstborn is a well-known streamer on Twitch. Also, he is creating his career in multiple fields.

The Twitch streamer has gathered a bunch of fans who follow him on the leading streaming platform. Moreover, he is also known as a voice artist. People recognize him for playing Rees’s character in The Encounter series.

Mary Jolivet: Married Life

Mary Jolivet Wolfhard married Eric Wolfhard in the 1990s. Moreover, they didn’t share their relationship info before marriage. After being hitched up, they immediately welcomed their firstborn, Nick Wolfhard. Similarly, Five years later, they were blessed by Finn Wolfhard. 

Mand her husband shared a smile through the picture.
A recent picture of Mary Jolivet and her husband, Eric Wolfhard.
Source: Pinterest

Jolivet’s husband is known for producing the series named Night Shifts. Moreover, he is a researcher and scriptwriter. On the other hand, the celebrity mother never talked about her past relationship. Furthermore, it indicates that she did have some affairs but doesn’t want to share them.

Wolfhard and Jolivet have been residing in a City in Canada. They are living in a healthy and joyful relationship. The couple stayed loyal to their wedding vows. Furthermore, seeing their connection, they probably spend their whole life together. 

Short info: Finn Wolfhard and Nick Wolfhard

As mentioned above, Finn Wolfhard is the second child of Mary Jolivet. Who gained fame for appearing in many professions at an early age. Wolfhard is mainly known for playing in a Horror movie called It, in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Stanger Things, and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio.

Mary and her son Finn Wolhard visiting a party. Source
Mary and her son Finn Wolhard at a night party.
Source: Pinterest

The actor started his career in Hollywood, playing in a music video named Facts Retro: Oceans. The actor has played 42 episodes in the Stranger Things series. Moreover, he is now preparing for upcoming series named The Legend of Ochi.

Nick Wolfhard is the firstborn of Mary Jolivet and Eric Wolfhard. Moreover, the couple welcomed him on 21 October 1997 in Vancouver, Canada. As revealed already, Wolfhard is a multi-talented artist. Furthermore, people best recognize him for doing the voice-over in The Last Kids on Earth series.

What is the net worth of the celebrity mother, Mary Jolivet?

Mary Jolivet has approximately $300,000 net worth. As a freelance merchandiser, Jolivet makes around $45,677 per annum. She is also a brand designer, where she earns about $67,113. 

The celebrity mother does not have luxury cars, but her second son drives a Red Ranger. Moreover, the vehicle has a value of around $128,950. Also, the Canadian actor has a BMW 3 series convertible, which has a market value of about $28,024.

Mary went on a trip with her frriend and an actor son.
The celebrity mother went on a trip with her friend and son.
Source: Pinterest

Talking about the brand designer’s house, she has owned a House in Vancouver, Canada. Moreover, the average house value in Vancouver is around $1,123,400. Also, she bears the living expenses of the whole family, around $3,570.9 (without rent) per month.

Mary’s talented son, Finn Wolfhard, commands an estimated net worth of $4 million. He makes around $250,000 per episode as an actor. Also, being a musician, he earns roughly $45,825. Similarly, The researcher’s husband earns between $300,000 and $400,000. On the other hand, the firstborn of Jolivet is a voice artist and Streamer and holds an estimated net worth of around $1.1 million.

The celebrity mother on Social media 

Despite being a celebrity mother, Mary Jolivet prefers to live a low-key life. Jolivet is not active on any platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, people find her on several fan page accounts. On the other hand, her kids have a huge fan following on social media.