Mary Joan Martelly is famous as the wife of George Foreman. He is a former American boxer who was good at what he did. He won not just one, but two heavyweight championships, and he even got an Olympic gold medal. That’s a big deal in the world of boxing.

Martelly was born on May 17, 1963, in Mon Repos, a beautiful town on the sunny island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. She’s known as Foreman’s fifth wife, which means George has been married a few times before. Being from the Caribbean, she likely brings a bit of that island charm and warmth into their lives.

A Successful Marriage With Foreman

Mary Joan Martelly and George Foreman have shared a long and loving marriage journey. They officially became husband and wife on March 27, 1985, in Las Vegas, Nevada. But their story started even earlier, about a year before their wedding. During that time, they must have had some exciting moments and shared special experiences that brought them closer together.

George Foreman is posing with his fighting stance.
Mary Joan Martelly’s husband, George Foreman (Source: George Foreman Instagram @biggeorgeforeman)

Martelly and Foreman’s love story began a whole year before they said their vows and became a married couple. But, there’s a twist in their story – at that time, George was a married man. The former Boxer was married to someone named Andrea Skeete. Love can sometimes be a bit complicated, and life doesn’t always follow a straight path.

The Net Worth Status Of Martelly’s Husband

Mary Joan Martelly’s husband George Foreman has a remarkable net worth of $300 million. The retired American boxer has built quite an impressive life beyond the boxing ring. Today, he boasts that while he made a name for himself as a formidable boxer, his entrepreneurial spirit has played a big role in his financial success.

Beyond his impressive boxing career, Foreman has made a name for himself as a highly successful entrepreneur. One of his most notable achievements is his promotion of the George Foreman Grill, which has become a household staple in kitchens all around the world. This incredible grill has sold more than 100 million units worldwide.

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Martelly Is Legendary Boxer’s Fifth Wife

Martelly holds a unique place in Foreman’s life as his fifth wife. Before her, George had been married to four other women: Adrienne Calhoun, Cynthia Lewis, Sharon Godson, and Andrea Skeete. Each of these marriages had its own story and journey, with its ups and downs.

Adrienne Calhoun is wearing a pink sweater and glasses in the picture.
George Foreman’s first wife, the late Adrienne Calhoun (Source: Dish Central by C.J. YouTube Channel)

Foreman’s journey through marriage has been a series of chapters in his life. His first marriage, to Adrienne Calhoun in 1971, lasted for three years till 1974. Then, in 1977, he tied the knot with Cynthia Lewis, but their marriage only lasted two years, ending in 1979. It wasn’t until 1981 that the Olympic Gold medalist married Sharon Goodson, but sadly, that marriage lasted just a year.

In 1982, Foreman started a new chapter with Andrea Skeete, but their marriage also came to an end in 1985. Life often takes us through various relationships, each with its lessons and memories, and George’s marriages are a testament to the twists and turns that can happen in the pursuit of love and happiness.

Used To Be Athletic Herself

The Heavyweight Champion’s wife, Martelly, was quite athletic in her own right. Back in her younger days, she had a strong passion for sports. She displayed real talent as an athlete as she particularly shone in track and field events. It is where her dedication and hard work paid off with several medals at school competitions.

Martelly’s life took a different path than she might have initially envisioned. Despite her talent and passion for sports, she didn’t have the opportunity to further pursue her skills. Life threw her a curveball when her father passed away at the age of 44. This loss had a profound impact on her and her siblings, as it suddenly placed the burden of making ends meet on their shoulders.

Mother To Few Kids

Martelly and Foreman’s family is a blend of love and connection, bringing together children from various paths of life. She has embraced her role as a stepmother to three wonderful stepdaughters named Michi, late Freeda, and Georgetta, and two stepsons, George Jr. and George III. These relationships show the bonds of love and family can extend far beyond biology.

On Foreman’s side, he has two adopted daughters, Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman, whom he welcomed into his family in 2009 (the year Michael Weatherly and Bojana Janković tied the knot), and Courtney Isaac Foreman, who joined the clan in 2012. Their family tree is a testament to the power of love and acceptance, where family isn’t just about blood ties but the love and care they share.

George Foreman with his son and two daughters are wearing all black clothes.
Mary Joan Martelly kids with George Foreman (Source: KHOU 11 YouTube Channel)

Mary Natalie and Leola are two beautiful daughters that are shared between Foreman and his wife, Martelly. Together, they’ve welcomed three more wonderful additions to their family: Georges IV, V, and VI. It’s heartwarming to see how names can be passed down through generations, creating a sense of continuity and connection within a family.

Foreman made a touching and meaningful decision by naming all his sons George Edward Foreman. This choice was more than just sharing a name; it was a way to remind them that they would always have something special in common. As reported in Daily Mail, Martelly’s wife says “If one of us succeeds, we all succeed together, and if one faces challenges, we’re all there to support and uplift each other.”

Early Life Of Foreman’s Wife Was Far From Easy

Mary Joan Martelly’s early life was far from easy, marked by the kind of hardships that can shape a person’s character. Losing her father was undoubtedly a painful and life-altering experience. It meant that she, along with her siblings, had to take on odd jobs just to make ends meet. These early struggles likely instilled in her a strong work ethic, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the value of hard work.

Martelly’s journey to find stable work took her through a few different paths. She began by working at a restaurant. After that, she ventured into the clothing industry, perhaps sewing or crafting garments. Eventually, she found her calling as a nanny, a role that likely required her to care for and nurture young minds.

Martelly’s Husband’s Sexual Abuse Charges

Foreman’s life, like many public figures, has not been without its share of controversy. Over time, three women have come forward with sexual abuse claims against him. However, it’s essential to note that he has denied all of these allegations and further update on the case isn’t available at the moment.

According to the accounts of two women, an incident involving Foreman occurred during the 1970s. Interestingly, these two women had a connection to the legendary boxer from their childhood because their fathers were boxing associates of the famous boxer, as reported in an article from The Guardian.

One woman accused Foreman of sexually abusing and raping her when she was 15 and 16 years old. As per the woman, Martelly’s husband also threatened her father of losing his job if she chose to reveal it to the world. Another woman accused him of grooming her when she was eight, and sleeping with her when she was a minor.

In the case of Foreman, it’s important to note that abuse allegations are not solely related to outsiders or individuals who may have crossed paths with him in some way. Unfortunately, there have been allegations made by a relative of the boxer as well. This relative of his has accused him of raping her when she was 15 years old at his ranch in Livermore, California.

Involved In Philanthropy Work

Mary Joan Martelly and her husband George Foreman are not just known for their public personas. They’re also actively involved in philanthropy work. One of their important causes is AIDS awareness, with a particular focus on children. It’s heartening to see them using their platform to raise awareness about this critical issue.

Martelly, in particular, has extended her efforts to her homeland in St. Lucia. It’s where she’s been working tirelessly to support financially disadvantaged children who aspire to attend college. This kind of philanthropic work is incredibly impactful. As it provides opportunities for those who might otherwise not have access to education.


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