Updated: 12/21/2016 04:13 PM | First Published: 12/21/2016 06:40 AM

A look into the rapturous married life of Martha MacCallum

Perfect Couple! Martha MacCallum and Dan Gregory

Media personality Martha MacCallum was born on 31st January 1964 in Buffalo, New York. She is a political science graduate from St. Lawrence University.

It was probably during the early 1990s when ever-gorgeous Martha and a businessman Daniel Gregory started feeling comfortable in each other’s arms. A kind of bonding developed at that time became stronger since the beginning. The couple are married since 1992.

The speculations about the couple’s apparent separation talked that the reason for divorce was Martha’s alleged infidelity. The gossip news of their divorce was very hot topic sometime during 2011. However, the couple has denied any misfortune in their marital bliss. They have rubbished all the rumors alleging their divorce. And recently, no any news talking about the enduring couple’s separation has come.

Martha MacCallum can’t deny the fact that she is a celebrity and even minor happenings in her life catch media attention. So, trying to make it private, she had to face such unnecessary interferences of public. Nevermind, Martha MacCullum and husband Daniel John Gregory, along with their three children:two sons: Harry and Edward and a daughter, Elizabeth are residing happily in their beautiful home in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

The relationship of this husband and wife is as stronger as ever. There had been a few divorce rumors about this couple in the past. But the proud parents of three children haven’t given any fuss to those chit chats.

Undeniably, celebs live in the glass bowls and each of their action is watched by the prying eyes. Small actions happen to be an issue with their fans’ comments. Well, the ever-gorgeous woman rarely making the public appearance with her husband but quite often attending the red carpet events together with co-host Bill Hemmer might be the main root for the speculation.