Married to Lagertha on-screen, does Travis Fimmel have a wife in real life?



Travis Fimmel - Info

Name Travis Fimmel
Profession Actor
Gender Male
Birthday July 15, 1979
Age 37 Years Old
Star Sign Leo

Travis Fimmel is known for his role in TV series Vikings in which he is married to Lagertha but it is rumored that he is married off-screen too. Who is Travis Fimmel's wife in real life? We will let you know if Travis Fimmel actually has a wife in real life or not.

Rumors started taking rounds as soon as the actor was spotted wearing a new wedding ring.

Travis Fimmel is rumored to have married in real life

It has been speculated that Fimmel will be announcing his engagement soon but seems like he jumped straight to wedding bells. The Australian Sunday Times reported that the couple was spotted together shopping may be for their wedding and now the news of their marriage is out.

The couple is rumored to have exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony including only family members and few close friends at a secret location. The former model hasn't confirmed or denied the news so it's still a speculation.

Though his professional life is an open book, his personal life is a mystery as he doesn’t talk much about it. He is not even on any social networking sites so it's hard to confirm any news regarding his personal life.

He has always let people know about his professional life but he likes to keep his personal life private and doesn't want anyone to know his background or his personal life.

And so far, he's doing it great because we really don't know about his personal life. There's always rumors about his personal life that are either not confirmed or just vanishes in air.

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If this news is true, the actor surely has broken many hearts but if it's not, all the girls out there, you still have a chance. He is nowadays very busy in his work, focusing on his acting career because he wants to be known as a great actor.

Fans loved Travis Fimmel’s on-screen wife Lagertha but who is his real-life wife?

Fimmel’s most appreciated role was in Vikings as Ragnar Lothbrok. His intense acting skill and his chemistry with his on-screen wife Lagertha aka Katheryn Winnick was fantastic.

They made the historic show a masterpiece. People loved their pair as well as their acting skills.

Where Travis had a wife and sons on-screen, he is single in real life but his marriage rumors are coming out which is not verified yet. Not only the truth of his marriage is not known, his so-called wife is also unknown.

If he’s married then, with whom is he married? Lots of questions need to be answered but Fimmel is nowhere near to answer these questions.

Travis Fimmel is recently into the news for his marriage rumor and having a wife in real life but he's also praised by the media for his hard work and great acting skills.

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