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Twice-married Mitch Gaylord is a father of five children

Mitch Gaylord with wife and children

Mitch Gaylord currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas with his beautiful 2nd wife Valentina Agius and kids. Valentina isn’t the only woman, whom Mitch shared conjugal life with. Previously, he was married to an actress Deborah Driggs from 1992 to 2003.

The 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist tied the knot with the Douglas L. Schiete's divorcee, Valentina in 2005. Gaylord has been embraced with her true devotion, and love. To their paradise graced with love, the couple welcomed their first daughter together in 2008 and the birth of second child, a son followed a couple of year after. 

Though brought up in Roman Catholic faiths, Valentina converted to Judaism with the blessing of her family. The couple doesn't seem to appear in public so much. However, prediction can be made about them enjoying a fairy tale like married life. 

Talking about his first marriage, he and actress Deborah Driggs remained in an official relationship for nearly a decade from 1993 till 2003. The gymnast and Playboy playmate are proud parents to three adult children, namely Kevin Tyler Gaylord, Bailey Gaylord and Madeline Rae Gaylord. 

Most of the people knowing him might have heard about his workout program Melt It OFF! but may not know the fitness techniques, he has shared through this. There are various techniques including the first one The G-Ball & Leveraged Core Action that involves melting calorie using G-Ball. Next technique is Melt It Off, for which Mitch suggests meal plans, delicious recipes with the guidelines for you to lose pounds fast. 

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The 5 feet 10 inches tall, gymnast can also be referred to as fitness expert, who have been an inspiration to many fitness dreamers.