Mark Wiens is a well-known food vlogger and YouTuber with a massive following. His channel focuses on showcasing street foods from various places around the world, along with helpful travel tips. Born on February 26, 1986, in Phoenix, Arizona, he has been active on YouTube since 2009.

Over the years, Wiens’s passion for exploring different cuisines and cultures has taken him on countless food adventures, allowing him to share his experiences with his dedicated audience. His genuine enthusiasm and insightful commentary have made him trusted source of food recommendations and travel advice for his viewers. With his captivating videos and engaging storytelling style, he continues to inspire and delight food enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts alike.

Relationship Status

Mark Wiens is in a relationship with Ying Wiens. Their relationship status is married, and they make great team both on and off the camera. While he takes the lead in filming his videos, his fans rarely catch a glimpse of his wife in front of the cameras. They both reside in Thailand but have a shared love for exploring different parts of the world.

Mark Wiens is filming the vlog as Ying Wiens looks on.
Mark Wiens and his wife, Ying Wiens (Source: Mark Wiens YouTube Channel)

In July 2013, Mark and Ying tied the knot and embarked on their exciting journey together. It was during his time as an English teacher in Thailand that he had the good fortune of meeting her. Notably, she is an incredible cook herself, adding to the culinary adventures that he captures in his videos. Although she may not be frequently seen onscreen, her influence and support play an important role in his endeavors, making their partnership a source of strength and inspiration.

Early Life (Used To Move A Lot)

Wiens had an eventful early life, filled with moves to different places. After being born in Phoenix, Arizona, his family embarked on a series of adventures. At the age of five, they relocated to Albertville, a small town nestled in the scenic Alpes region of southeastern France. From there, they journeyed to Africa, settling in a tiny village called Tandala in the northern Democratic Republic of Congo (then known as Zaire).

Living in the lush jungle of DR Congo, Wiens found joy in sling-shot hunting for birds alongside his friends. After successfully capturing a bird, they would gather around a fire, roasting and savoring their edible conquest. In 1996, his family made another move following the war, this time to Kenya, where they settled right in the bustling capital city of Nairobi. These diverse experiences in various parts of the world laid the foundation for Mark’s deep appreciation for different cultures and cuisines, ultimately shaping his future as a renowned food vlogger and travel enthusiast.

Net Worth Of The Food Vlogger

Mark Wiens has achieved a considerable net worth, which is estimated to be around $6.5 million. His primary income source comes from his successful YouTube food vlogging career. With millions of subscribers and views on his channel, he has been able to monetize his content and generate a substantial income. However, his entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there.

Mark Wiens has a lot of foods in front of him like rice, and sea foods.
Mark Wiens in one of his videos (Source: Mark Wiens YouTube Channel)

In addition to being a vlogger, Wiens is also an author, sharing his food and travel experiences through books. Furthermore, he accepts donations from his loyal fans who want to support his work and continue to see more of his captivating videos. To further connect with his audience, he also offers his merchandise, including t-shirts, allowing his fans to proudly represent his brand. Through his various ventures, he has not only built a successful career but also created multiple avenues for his fans to engage with and support him.

Used To Teach English

Before his successful career as a food blogger, Mark Wiens ventured into the field of teaching English. In pursuit of his desire to live abroad and earn a living, he decided to enroll in a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course in Buenos Aires. The one-month intensive course provided him with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach English effectively.

Wiens’s dedication paid off as he received a diploma of achievement upon completion. With his newly acquired qualification, he found an opportunity to teach English in Tammy Duckworth’s birthplace, i.e., Bangkok, Thailand. He landed a teaching job at a private institute and eagerly signed a one-year contract. He embarked on this new chapter, dedicating himself to educating students and immersing himself in the vibrant culture of Bangkok. His experience as an English teacher added to his love for exploration and deepened his understanding of different cultures.

Wiens Has A Son

Wiens and his wife, Ying, are proud parents of a son they have named Micah Wiens. He was born on November 12, 2016, marking a joyous milestone in their lives. The journey to parenthood for the couple had its challenges. During the trip to Jordan on March 27, 2016, she discovered that she was pregnant.

Micah Wiens is sleeping in the picture.
Micah Wiens when he was born (Source: Mark Wiens YouTube Channel)

As the due date approached, Mark and Ying faced a complication during the birth. Micah was in a breech position, meaning he hadn’t turned around in the womb as expected. To ensure a safe delivery, she had to undergo a cesarean section. Fortunately, the procedure went smoothly, and their child was born healthy and normal. Despite the initial obstacles, the arrival of their son brought immense happiness and fulfillment to their lives, creating a beautiful family bond.

Has A Degree In Global Studies

Wiens holds a degree in Global Studies, which he earned from Arizona State University (the institute Ladd Drummond has also studied at) in 2008. His educational journey, however, had unique aspects to it. Starting from the 5th grade, he attended Rossylyn Academy in Kenya for his schooling, all the way until his high school graduation in 2008 (with a brief return to the United States for a year) as mentioned on his official website.

Being a part of the educational system in Kenya provided Wiens with a diverse and culturally enriching experience. It allowed him to develop a broader perspective on global issues, which ultimately influenced his passion for exploring different cultures through food and travel. The combination of his academic background and his immersive schooling in Kenya has shaped Mark’s understanding of the world and greatly contributed to his success as a food blogger and storyteller.

How Did Food Vlogging Start For Him?

Wiens’ journey into food vlogging began with his lifelong passion for food. As a kid, he had always been a foodie, appreciating different flavors and cuisines. After graduating, she found himself unsure about his career path, but one thing was clear – he didn’t want to work in an office setting. Seeking adventure and new experiences, he embarked on a journey through Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. Immersed in the vibrant food cultures of these countries, he gained valuable insights and culinary inspiration.

Upon returning to the US for his sister’s wedding, Wiens decided to share his South American travel experiences by starting a blog. In the early days of 2009, he launched, where he began writing and sharing articles. His passion for travel and exploration led him to Bangkok, where he traveled with friends and continued to document his adventures through blogging. Juggling between teaching English and blogging, he found a balance that allowed him to pursue his love for food and share it with the world. Little did he know that this humble beginning would pave the way for his incredible success as a renowned food vlogger.

Why Was Wiens Trolled By The Australians?

During his visit to Australia, Mark Wiens encountered an unexpected wave of trolling from Australians. The controversy arose when he uploaded footage of himself enjoying a meat pie in Melbourne to his YouTube channel. In the video, he took a giant bite of the pie, causing it to crumble in his hands. However, this seemingly innocent act sparked criticism from some viewers who believed he was not eating the pie the correct way.

The incident took place at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail, where food enthusiasts from around the world gathered to celebrate culinary delights. While Wiens’s intention was simply to savor a popular Australian treat, his eating technique became the subject of online ridicule.


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