Updated: 01/10/2017 11:04 AM | First Published: 01/09/2017 09:03 PM

Fitness enthusiast Mark Steines's shirtless pictures still woos millions of female fans

'Home and Family' host Mark Steines tying his boot lace

Mark Steines is already 52 but his shirtless picture worth a glance. Standing with a height of 6 feet, he still looks as youthful and dashing as he used to seem in his young days. So what’s the secret behind his never fading charm? Sources revealed that he is following special diet and workout routine to stay in a fit shape.

He was a footballer during his college days and also used to have an interest in gym and fitness workouts. Few years ago, the fitness enthusiast was listed in ’25 Fittest Men in America’ by Men’s Fitness Magazine and was featured in People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’. 

In an interview with Muscle and Fitness magazine, he shared his workout regimen and diet plan. He said that he usually eats breakfast at 8 am preferring meals with not over than 650 calories. He likewise shared about his other diet preferences like a small cartoon of egg whites and a slice of toast. In the afternoon time, he usually likes to have soup. At around 4 pm, he takes a protein bar and 6 ounces of turkey breast with slice cheese of wheat.

In a similar way, Mark also likes to spend time at gym. In fact, he started working out at Gold’s Gym when he was staying in Los Angeles, where one of the trainers helped him to make minor adjustments in his body. After that, he realized there’s something more that he has to work out.

Nowadays, he does 45-90 minutes of cardio and weight training regularly in the morning. He has also made small gym place at his own house with an elliptical trainer. He shared that he likes to hook up with PlayStation and watch shows while working out at the gym.

He was a spokesperson for the fitness expert Tony Horton & Beachbody’s program called 10-Minute Trainer. During that time, he lost some weight and shared his weight loss story posting a video on YouTube. Also, the enthusiastic host encouraged other people to have a try and share their experience with the training techniques.

Usual workout and specific healthy regime diet routine have definitely helped him to stay wrinkle free and fit. No doubt, he is giving tough competition to all other young TV hosts. Read his detailed biography is the wiki. He is available in Twitter @MarkSteines and Instagram @marksteines.