Updated: 01/15/2017 12:44 PM | First Published: 01/15/2017 02:29 AM

Marjorie Bridges Harvey has stayed by husband for better or for worse

Marjorie Bridges Harvey and Steve Harvey

The Harveys are one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. Marjorie and Steve's marriage has remained strong after money problems and ex-wife drama.

Not long after their wedding, Steve Harvey was troubled by a tax bill of $20 million. This news must've surely put a strain on their new marriage, but Marjorie didn't abandon Steve. 

She also stood by his side all through the legal drama with his second wife, Mary Harvey, who had been trying to get back at Harvey for taking the custody of their son. Since their divorce in 2005, Mary has accused Harvey of infidelity and said that he had left her with nothing.

Well, third time's the charm, right? This was definitely the case for both Marjorie and Steve Harvey as their previous two marriages ended badly. The famed couple married in June 2007 and raised their seven children together. 

But their love story had started years before. They met at a comedy club in Memphis, where he was performing, in 1990. Apparently, it was love at first sight for Steve and told her on stage, "I don't know who you are but I'm going to marry you." They began dating soon and Marjorie fell in love with him. In the 2014 February issue of Essence, Marjorie said,"I knew he was The One shortly after I started dated him..."