Mariusz Kolakowski is the loving husband of Maria LaRosa. She is an American meteorologist at NBC. Maria is currently a valued member of NBC 4 New York’s Storm Team 4 weather team.

Kolakowski has chosen to lead a low-profile life. Despite his inclination towards privacy, he occasionally makes appearances on his wife’s social media accounts.

Married To Maria LaRosa

Mariusz Kolakowski and Maria LaRosa first crossed paths in August 1997. Their connection eventually blossomed into a lifelong commitment. The couple exchanged vows in the early 2000s.

Mariusz Kolakowski and Maria LaRosa are taking a selfie out in the snow.
Mariusz Kolakowski with his wife, Maria LaRosa (Source: Maria LaRosa Instagram @maria_larosa_wx)

Despite being public figures, Mariusz and Maria have opted to keep details about their married life relatively private. The couple appears to value their personal space, choosing to focus on their relationship away from the public eye.

Net Worth Status

Mariusz Kolakowski’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. He currently holds the position of president at The MatriCx Group. Although details about his specific income remain undisclosed, his role as president likely contributes to his financial standing.

On the other hand, Mariusz’s wife, Maria LaRosa, boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million. She earns her income as a meteorologist for NBC. Like him, the details of her income are also kept private.

Father To Three Kids

Kolakowski is a proud father of three children, all sons. The Kolakowski family includes Michael, born in 2005, Justin, born in 2008, and Tyler, born on May 3, 2010, as reported in an article from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Mariusz Kolakowski, Maria LaRosa, Micheal, Justin, and Tyler are posing for a family picture in front of a Christmas tree.
Mariusz Kolakowski with his sons Micheal, Justin, and Tyler (Source: Maria LaRosa Instagram @maria_larosa_wx)

Mariusz and Maria have chosen to keep much of their kid’s lives private. She occasionally offers glimpses into their family moments by sharing pictures on her Instagram account.

Education Background

Mariusz’s educational background includes his time at Penn State University. He pursued a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering. His academic journey at Penn State spanned from 1994 to 1998.

During these years, Mariusz likely engaged in a comprehensive study of mechanical engineering, gaining knowledge and skills in areas such as thermodynamics, materials science, and mechanical design.

What Does LaRosa’s Husband Do?

Mariusz Kolakowski currently holds the position of president at The MatriCx Group, in Allendale, New Jersey. He assumed this role in October 2022.

Mariusz Kolakowski and Maria LaRosa are taking a selfie eating their ice cream.
Mariusz Kolakowski and Maria LaRosa in Ramsey, New Jersey (Source: Maria LaRosa Instagram @maria_larosa_wx)

As the president, Marai’s husband oversees various responsibilities that contribute to the success of The MatriCx Group. His duties include managing Commissioning Services. It involves ensuring that systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to operational requirements.

Additionally, Mariusz is involved in Technical Project Management. His role also encompasses Construction Quality Control. His multifaceted responsibilities highlight his proficiency in leadership.

Previous Work

Kolakowski previously gained valuable experience as a Partner at Catalyst Commissioning Group, LLC in New York. He held this position from July 2014 to August 2023. As a Partner, he likely played a crucial role in the strategic direction and growth of the organization.

Mariusz’s tenure in this role suggests a wealth of knowledge in commissioning services. This experience reflects a solid foundation in the field, making him a valuable asset.

About Maria LaRosa

Maria LaRosa is a distinguished meteorologist. She is a valuable member of NBC 4 New York’s Storm Team 4 weather team. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Penn State University, she is equipped with a solid academic background. She is recognized as a certified broadcasting meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Before her current role, Maria spent nearly nine years contributing her skills to The Weather Channel in Atlanta. During her time there, she co-anchored several popular broadcasts, including “America’s Morning Headquarters,” “Wake Up with Al,” and “Weekend Recharge.” She has also worked with Jen Carfagno.

Even before joining The Weather Channel, Kolakowski’s wife served as a weekday morning and noon meteorologist for CBS 3/KYW-TV in Philadelphia. Her professional journey also includes stints as a meteorologist for Fox affiliate WXIX-TV in Cincinnati and ABC affiliate WTVM-TV in Columbus, Georgia.

Mariusz’s Occasional Social Media Appearances

Kolakowski doesn’t have a personal social media presence of his own. But, he occasionally steps into the spotlight through his wife’s Instagram account. LaRosa can be found at @maria_larosa_wx.

Maria generously shares glimpses of their life. She showcases the moments of joy, family events, and shared adventures with her husband. His occasional appearances provide followers with a delightful peek into their relationship.


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